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It had weeks since she had made a complete fool of herself in front on the guys. Her promotions were in full swing as well as going to music shows every other day. Sweat was dripping down her face as she quickly made her way off the stage. Nabi made her way back to her dressing room to get her makeup refreshed as she cooled down. She was second to last in the lineup today and she only had four minutes before she had to be back on stage to wait for the results. Even though she had won all last week she was a little worried for this week. She had some really strong competition and if she was going to get the elusive triple crown she was going to have to try even better. Next week was going to be the worst; even if she won all this week VIXX was scheduled to make their comeback next week. Once her makeup was fixed she quickly made her way back to the edge of the group waiting area. Gfriend was all huddled up together trying to stay calm. She couldn’t really blame them; they just had their first comeback stage this year. She went over to them giving them a warm smile. “Don’t worry you guys did great. It’s going to be hard for me to get a second win with you guys here.” “Oh no no no. You’re going to get another win I know it. We all watched you from back here and you were amazing. Your voice is so powerful.” Sowon was the one who spoke up but the others nodded in agreement. Soon all of them were called to go back on stage. Lining up they all waited for the cue before they made their way back into the blinding lights. It had been a while since anyone gave her strange looks about her onstage style. At first people were shocked by her wearing something over her mouth every performance. She should not be thinking of that right now. Looking out to the blur of crowd behind the lights she gave a big smile trying to keep her nerves calm. No matter how many times she does this she is sure she will always be nervous on this stage. The top three were announced and before she knew it others were stepping back so she could make her way to the front. Standing next to Gfriend she reached over grabbing Umji’s hand to comfort her. The results came up and the hosts made the announcement. Umji spun around giving Nabi a huge hug congratulating her on winning for a second week in a row. A little stunned she hugged Umji back before making her way to the middle. After giving a small acceptance speech the encore music started playing. It did not matter if it was the main show or an encore when she sang this song she always put her whole heart into it. A few of the groups stayed on the stage to listen to her sing as the others who had more schedules left quickly. After the music stopped and the recording was finished she made her way back stage with the hosts who congratulated her again on her win. She bowed thanking them for their hard work before going into her waiting room to take off her makeup and change. To her surprise there was someone waiting in the room but she couldn’t tell who it was due to the bouquet of flowers in front of their face.
sweet baby Jesus you always get me with these cliff hangers!!!
Ooooh who is it!!!
Hmmm...wonder who's waiting?!
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