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Apparently, Mr.Kim was running late today since we're already seated inside & 5 minutes passed & still no sign of him. 'Man! Can it get more ironic, the day we get to class on time, our beloved teacher *pun intended* decides to be LATE!'. I hissed whispered to Lee (Wait, why am I whispering *smh*. The teacher is not even here.) Another 5 mins goes by...Lo & behold I see Smug face & Mr.Kim chatting merrily walking towards the class. "Look at them!!!" I hissed again turning to Lee who was somehow busy scribbling something in her notebook. 'Life's just not fair, I get to class a minute late & hunts my ass down & that freak, they are buddying up & come in after 10 freaking mins'Β  I bang my fist on the table, Lee jumped. Wait what!!? I looked at Lee, 'You're not even listening to what I'm saying, are you?' I accused her. 'No no I was, I was....' she replied trying to pull off that I-hear-ya-sista-face. I didn't get the chance to comment as Mr.Kim came in by then & everyone stood up to greet him... Somehow, the classes when by & it was lunch time. My favorite part of the day,Β  I always get in the best of mood around this time. Guess you know why right? ha ha ha. I grab my lunch box & run out to catch up with Lee who was already out the door. 'So, Lee whats for lunch??' I asked all smiles. She laughs & elbowed me 'You & your love for food. I will never get it'. I pretended to look hurt 'Why yyyou no like me & my babbbyyy? You no want me happy?' I pout as I rub my belly. 'Your baby indeed! You do know you're a retard right??'. 'Yep & FYI you're my friend, shouldn't that make you another retard? They say birds of the same feather flocks together' I laugh & stuck out my tongue. 'Ok ok, you got me there missy', Lee gave in. Lets get to eat before your baby starts Growling. 'With pleasure, your highness' I said, as I dramatically bowed & sat down on our favorite spot in the cafeteria. As I was all ready to dig in the delicious babies, the dark Lord decides to grace the table. "Hi gals, what's up, Can I join?" Smug face asked as he sat down beside me. 'Hi Sehun, of course!'Β  Lee smiled. 'Really! don't you have any other person to annoy?' I barked back. 'Wow, do you always greet people like that!..and to answer your question..."Nah, everyone loves me!!' ~smirks~ 'Pssssst! don't flattered yourself big guy' I hissed back. As if to prove a point, a bunch of Juniors decides to come up to him that very moment and do the Oppa shit! 'Oppa! you're so handsome, can I have your autograph??" *If it was a cartoon scene, you could literally see hearts in their eyes*. Smug face smile & replied "Sure!!" Then turn & gave me that See-I-Told-You winked. I grunt thinking to myself, even the universe is conspiring against me. I just gave him a look of disgust & got back to my eating. ~munch crunch, slurp...~ I noticed all this time Lee was just watching us quitely with that look of interest. 'What?' I asked. 'Nothing' & she continue smiling suspiciously. 'Hmmnn...OK' I shrugged & continue eating ~munch crunch, slurp...~ 'Why are u hogging like one is going to eat that anyway you know!!'. "YAY! listen smug face...I can hog anyway I like. If you don't want to see it. Get your butt up & leave. No one is forcing you to sit here" I yelled back & continue stuffing the food in mouth with determination. "Is she always touchy when it comes to her food?" Smug face asked turning to Lee. Geez! hot-head I was just pointing since I felt sorry for those poor kimbaps. At that rate, you're practically torturing them. And just so you know, I have a name. Its Sehun ~smirks~ *Hot-head! say what now!!!* I look up my eyes blazing all ready to abuse him... "WHAaaaaaffff...." Only to realized my mouth was too full to speak (Damnit! If only I have laser eyes, he would be so dead right now I mused) So I just gave him my evil eye & continued eating...munch munch crunch, slurp... Thankfully smug face decided I wasn't fun anymore. So he left me to eat in peace & continue chatting with Lee for which I was very relief. Boy! this smug face nearly blew my appetite. I mentally apologize my baby kimbaps, consoling them...I'd never do that to you my love & ate them savoring them to the last bite. I was so focus on my food that I didn't even hear what the two were discussing. Ah! well...I don't even want to know about it after all its smug face & I want nothing to do with him.....*Period*
Author note: Well...anyone liking it??!!! Hahaha I hope you do. Don't forget to Like and comment ur thoughts. Thanks for checking out my story. You guys are dolls!!! xoxo
@EmmaJolie thanks Emma..xoxo
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sen and her food!! * munch munch slurp slurp* reminds me of myself hahaha!πŸ˜‚
tag me please
@SindyHernandez hahaha thanks for the feedback... Will update soon!! xoxo
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