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Waterfall of the Gods
Photographer Ludovic Bertron Goðafoss, Iceland
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@yinofyang : i bet you really like iceland, I did notice that you have been posting a lot photo about Iceland :)
@Tapsamai Yeah, the photographer left the caption as "Goðafoss, Iceland" so I left it in. @alise Yes, definitely love Iceland. I find its natural beauty amazing and since I love astronomy so much, I love that you can see so much from their skies. :)
@yinofyang would you go to Iceland someday? I heard there is some kind of volunteer work, that you could stay in local farm in NorthWest Iceland. You should try it out !
@RaymondKong It is definitely amazing. @alise Yes, definitely. I really, really want to visit. Seriously? Wow, that's awesome. Thanks for the info, Alise.