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Welcome to my Role Play Area in here I will give scenarios of stories. I will then list the characters that will be in the story that you can choose from. There is a limitaion for each story. Once every character is taken then that's it. You will need to wait till the next one to join in. And i promise that I will give it the best of my abilities to create a great story along with the help of you guys as the story begins to unfold with each detail we put into it. I generally like to write about stories with action, fantasy, romance, and a little bit of a medieval feel. In this card you can send me sugestions if subjects you would like to participate in Just tell me what you like and I will do my best to make the story as interesting as possible. RULES: 1.) There is to be NO explicit sex scenes in the role plays. You may have a "close" kissing scene in the story if you want, but it is not to get out of hand. 2.) You are not to directly offend some one. ( you are allowed to have fights but as long as it's revelant to the story.) There can not be any offensive remarks to the direct person who is playing a role. Just arguments to them as their character and details of the battle you might be having if the story has that. Have fun. Be creative. Have an open mind. Have patience, and be respectful
And this is my first personally made collection so I hope You guys like it And have fun
In here. the card is already up
on here or there
it's out and ready. I hope it's close to your request for the role play.
ya totally
Okie dokie😄 will see what I can do😁 and i will post the scenario as soon as I can. and just so it's easier it might be best if the actual making of the story is done on an app called wechat. The scenarios and character listings will be posted on vingle but the actuall action will be there. 😊 I hope that is ok😁😁
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