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So this is gonna sound funny, but I didn't want anyone to feel left out, all the Poke`girls are my Harem Waifus. Sorry in advance if your favorite isn't listed, I just picked a few.
Pokémon has always been partially about the lovely ladies to myself. Before you say "Most of them are 10 years old", stop it. Not here to debate ages. Here come some of my Favorites.
The Pokémon Ranger girl. She's not developed as a character, but I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
Jasmine is a very caring girl, especially for her type choice in Pokémon! Also, those eyes.
Joy and Jenny, both beautiful gals, are the adult side of the spectrum. I see why Brock chose them as his Favorites.
For the sake of time, Enjoy those beauties all on one piece. Flannery in particular. Very hot... badumtiss
Many of you like one of these girls.... but me, I prefer this beauty.
May! The prettiest Pokémon girl around! Absolutely gorgeous! Kind and Caring yet spicy, Flawless coordinator, gym battled a few times, And did i mention Sexy!? That's all folks... Tagging the higher ups... @invinsybll @hikaymm @sontyler @tbell2
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I dont car what people say. 10 year old girls dont have busts like that. These girls are far from that age lol
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May was always my favorite
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@Straightshooter good to know I'm not alone
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In the 1st pick is that brock flying through the sky in a beam of light???
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