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Photographer Roberto Bertero "This is the pretty famous area of the Baita Segantini, above Passo Rolle, Italy, where it's possible to admire the lovely Pale di San Martino (Dolomites). Photo taken during a very quick visit to this place on September 2011. Apparently the hut was empty, but the light was still on, I do not know why. Technically, this picture is obtained by stitching 2 horizontal shots taken immediately one after the other. The first at ISO 3200 for the upper part and the second at 6400 ISO (with shorter exposure) for the lake, because, even if the water is perfectly still, in order to get a neat reflection of the stars it's better to act as quickly as possible. Obviously the starry sky slightly "moved" during the two exposures, due to Earth rotation. On the top left you can see Andromeda, the nearest spiral galaxy... that, according to recent studies, in a few billion years will collide (or merge) with "our" Milky Way galaxy... in any case don't pani."