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Greetings, Nakama! Today around the campfire, we're talking about great anime to show people who have not experienced the joy of anime! I've decided to do 3, since different people will need different elements to convince them, whether you have to disprove preconceived notions or they're just out of the loop!

Soul Eater

One of the anime I choose most often to recruit new anime Nakama is one of my firsts, Soul Eater! Even though the first 3 episodes are prologue, I feel like it doesn't take long to get hooked on this one! My first experience with Soul Eater was when some friends dragged me to anime club once in high school. I've always liked anime, but I wasn't really super into it at the time, not that I had anything against it. Years later, when I decided to actively pursue anime, I recalled that experience, so Soul Eater was my first pick! If I start to lose my victim, I might skip ahead to the bromance moment between Soul and Black Star in Kid's first day!


Sometimes, your victim may be prejudiced about anime because of some preconceived notion that it's cartoons, thus for kids. Rather then hitting hard against this assumption with a gory and/or ecchi anime, I think I'd reach for this one. Noragami is a recent discovery for me, but it quickly became one of my favorites! Much as Yato can be a bit of a clown sometimes, this anime also deals with a good deal of more serious themes which might appeal to a more mature audience, like Yukine's difficulty dealing with his situation, leading up to his ablution, the first major step in his spectacular character development, or Yato's past as a god of calamity. Because of this, I believe Noragami adeptly hits both ends of the spectrum, achieving that perfect balance of seriousness, action, and humor.

Fairy Tail

I'm not really sure which came first for me, Soul Eater or Fairy Tail, but this is another which holds a special place in my heart! I think this one might take a little longer for someone to get into than Soul Eater, so it might be better for a more open, patient recruit, but is a great example of many of the elements that make anime great! Fairy Tail is my favorite of the longer anime that I've consumed, and, like Noragami, has a great balance of action, drama, and humor. The characters are all lovable and fantastic, and it really draws you in and makes you feel like part of the family!
Well, I give up on trying to find better pics because the internet is being mean to me! Perhaps I'll try to edit it later. These are a few of my favorites, thus natural selections for me to use to spread the joy and awareness of anime for the greater good!
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these are fantastic choices! I definitely second Soul Eater as a great starter anime.
Some great anime here for starters, soul eater is a great one to start out with