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When I was in middle school, I wore contacts.

Colored contacts to be exact. I already have light brown eyes, so once I got to high school, I wanted to make things up a notch. i decided to get hazel contacts and for years people thought they were my natural eyes. My ex-boyfriend never knew until I personally told him that my eyes were indeed light brown and not hazel. He was extremely surprised. As the years progressed, I realized the color contact trend just wasn't for me and I would much rather embrace my natural eye color.
Although it seems as if the contact craze has calmed down a bit, there are still a handful of people rockin' eyes that aren't theres. While some look rather realistic, others look extremely fake. A woman wanted to do a social experience to see if different eye colors could improve your life. For one week, she wore different colored contacts and the results are actually rather interesting.

Contact Color: Blue

'I first tried on these deep blue lenses on a Friday, with an audience of fellow Byrdie editors. I was immediately struck by the way that the contacts allow a ring of my natural color to shine through around the pupil, and I loved the contrast between the dark aqua and my given brownish-green鈥攊t was striking but somehow still very believable.'

Contact Color: Grey

'I've grown to love my natural eye color, but my inner 12-year-old鈥攖he one who wanted light eyes SO badly鈥攚as so excited to try out this gray-blue pair. Sure enough, I felt like a completely different person after slipping these on, like I could command and intimidate a room with just a steely stare.'

Contact Color: Green

'I had barely sat down in a meeting when the colleague seated next to me peered intently into my eyes. "Uh, what's up?" I said with a frozen smile. "Just trying to see what color you're wearing today," she said. Ah. I had actually forgotten I had the contacts in to begin with鈥攁 common theme during my days with the green pair, but not an unfortunate one at all. Since they're so similar to my natural color, the effect was subtle but flattering, not unlike the Acuvue Define lenses I've tried in the past.'

Have you ever worn colored contacts or contacts at all?

What color did you prefer out of the three above?
Im doing a card on my colored contacts!!!!
As an Asian I have natural dark brown eyes. I have always wanted to try color contacts but it would just look unnatural on me. I want to try maybe a light brown color or something along those lines.
I've only used clear, my girlfriend at the time was against me using a different color because she claimed my eyes were my best feature...really? my freakin eyes?? as it turned out I found out green wasn't her natural color when she lost a contact and I just totally freaked out
I do now! :) But you know how kids are! If everyone else in your life has something and you don't, it makes you really really want them too.
I've always weirdly wanted dark brown eyes, but I realized it was coming from an insecurity of being the only green-eyed cousin in my family. I felt like I just sort of stuck out. But now I'm just like, whatever. Plum eyeshadow gives my eyes an amazing pop, and it's harder to do that with dark brown eyes!
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