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You would be the only guy in a school for rich girls but you cant date them cause they think your gay
you are the only human in this school for monsters with a witch, succubus, ice monster and a vampire all fighting over you
You are a guy whos job is to make spirtes fall in love with you and kiss them to seal there power and one of the girls gets jealous real fast
So which harem would you take these were some harems I would be in which one would you take (but you would be the lead male role you would have to do the same things he does) i would personally be in Rosario+vampire

now for the girls

You would have to dress like a boy and basically flirt with other girls but you get to be around all these guys
You would be a princess on the run trying to find the legend of the four dragons but you are surrounded by all these guys helping you
now ladys same thing which would you pick of these (sorry theres not more answers i havent seen a lot of reverse harems)
Even though I'm a girl can I still pick Rosario Plus Vampire? because man I want to just bury my face in Kurumu's tits
Rosario Vampire of course.
Rosario :3 how can I say no to Mizore xD
Rosario + Vampire... Mizore is my queen.
vampire and rosario one
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