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Let's embrace change with open arms.

This year some of your favorite trends are getting a makeover. Your favorite trends from last year are resurfacing and believe it or not, they happen to be better than ever. When it comes to trends, sometimes it's not always about something new and fresh -- but more so reinventing something to become new and fresh.
Fashion is all about perspective. This year we are updating and bringing some of the past trends back to life with a bit of oomph! Those items you threw to the back of your closet, they serve a purpose. Not sure what that purpose may be just yet? Keep scrolling and check out the trends that will be making this year a stylish one.
Trend 2015: Stripes across a tight-fitting sweater.
Trend 2016: Stripes in a button-down silhouette with a matching skinny scarf.
Trend 2015: Boyfriend jeans and a chambray blouse that don't quite match.
Trend 2016: Separates in similar, if not exact, shades that are broken up by a chic mockneck.
Trend 2015: Sporty bomber jacket with stripes at the sleeves and waistband.
Trend 2016: Silky bomber jacket with colorful embroidery.
Trend 2015: Ripped blue jeans, rolled up at the bottom.
Trend 2016: Straight-leg denim that's shredded at the ankle.

Are you loving any of these updated trends for 2016?

Leave a comment with your favorite trend below.
That looks is definitely a keeper for sure @EasternShell
autocorrect with not 28th...
The 2016 look 28th the striped blouse and skinny scarf. Very chic.
a huge fan of this trend! @primodiva93
Lately, I've been attached to my bomber jacket. I always pair it with a dark or white bottom but I'm inspired to try a different color after mesmerizing at how flattering the orange skirt looks.
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