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Fast food restaurant is the worst place to go on a date.

The mission of fast food is to deliver a quick and filling meal to your stomach. Inviting someone to a fast food meal could possible send a signal you want to "quickly" get over with this meeting. I know this may not hold true to most people. It's simply my conjecture and based on my own experience. The choice of food to eat with a date is something that is satisfies the stomach and cultivate good communication. In other words, a meal that requires you to sit down and enjoy can help you communicate better with your partner.
Based on my dating experience and eating preference these are my choices.

1. Tacos

Whether it be street tacos or homemade tacos this sizzling food is 100% enjoyable and versatile. These can be eaten without any cumbersome dining accoutrements. Hint: you could even these your date for making a cute mess and bring up some childhood memories of your most embarrassing moments.

2. Spring Rolls

This is the best way to create some bonding time. 1) the making process will be amusing. 2) Once you take a bite into a spring roll you can't stop eating. It's one of those food you could eat forever.

3. Pizza

It's traditional, simple and no one can resist melted cheese fresh from the oven. As you can already tell I really like hands-on meals because there's no limit to creativity. I find food more enjoyable when I put effort into making it. Hey and it's a good way to gain insight of your partner's taste bud.

4. Sushi

This little rice roll wrapped in seaweed is addicting and did I mention healthy? We love going to one of those rotating sushi bar because we could pick and choose what we want as we see it. While eating we would try to guess what kind of sauce they the use in the sushi. Note: Kimbap is a great alternative to sushi if you don't like raw fish. Great for picnics!

5. Boiling Crab

This is a Cajun restaurant and one of our favorite places to eat on a date. The concept is eating fresh seafood with your hands. This your chance to eat like a bear without being judge because everyone else is doing it. ;) And you can talk forever peeling a pound of shrimp.
Let me know if you have any good food suggestions for dates!
I am dying that Boiling Crab is on this list because I used to date a guy who would go there a lot with his family, but wasn't nearly as obsessed with it as his parents and sisters. I always asked him "When are you taking me to Boiling Crab?!" If we were still together, I'd use this list as take-me-to-Boiling-Crab proof!
the first food date i had with my gf we had gas station pizza because we met at a concert and everything else was closed at the end. it was gross but we laughed about it in the snow
There is a really old Mary Kate and Ashley movie where they said you should never eat pizza on a first date because having greasy cheese hanging from your face isn't cute but I TOTALLY disagree hahah! With pizza, everyone is in a good mood :) I'd also suggest not going for anything too spicy until you know if your date also likes it! I once got Indian food with a date and he was sweating like crazy 0.0