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I got out of the shower to find that they'd been live for over 30 minutes and I was just plain thankful that they were still live ;v; ♡

They called Tae at some point too!! ♡

Then Tae came in, grabbed a bucket hat, and danced the tiredness off x3

They started wrapping it up :((( gosh I missed so much!!! ><

They started saying goodbye ;^;

They started saying goodbye ;^;

Walking in on Hobi and Jimin dancing was great ♡♡♡

Anyone else have V app? It's so hard to progress to Level 3 :,(

>>| Watch them here or at the 2nd pic! ^^ |<<
I was so happy I caught it from the beginning ❤️ by the end the a lil over 18m hearts 😁 I was hoping and trying for 20m 😜 the live still made my day thou!!
ahh they were on 13 minutes after I had to stop. I missed like the first 15 mins and the last 15 so I'm gonna watch it all over again lol
I think I've gotten level 3 or 4. I just spam the heart button and comments section on the videos hoping to get noticed and to encourage them 😂
I usually miss them live so this was also an achievement for me 😢🙏 @EvelynLoyaRico
Lucky you I didn't get the notification for some reason, I wish I could have seen them live!!😢😢😢😢
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