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You're either in love or pregnant.

At least that's what your skin thinks. We all know that our skin reacts to the foods we consume. The healthier the food, the better condition our skin is in and vice versa. Believe it or not, the condition of your skin has a lot to do with your current mood or state of mind.
Three dermatologists give us the low down on how our emotions can play a role in the overall appearance of our skin. If you're wondering why you may find yourself breaking out more as of lately, keep scrolling and check out the facts below.

Emotion: Love

You might be in love if your body happens to be producing a substantial amount of the hormone Oxytocin. This is the hormone of love and the possible reason you've been glowing for weeks. 'Surges of oxytocin are responsible for the bonds between sexual partners, between mother and child—even between people and their beloved dogs.'

Emotion: Sadness

Pale skin? You might be a bit down and out lately. When you're sad, your blood vessels tighten up causing your skin to look pale and sallow. Crying results in tears and tears lead to dehydrated skin. Catching your tears before they penetrate the skin is a great method to follow.

Emotion: Stress

If that glow has since disappeared you may be suffering from stress. While stress is usually categorized as a negative, it's not always a bad thing. Stress produces what is called cortisol which enlarges your blood vessels. “That enhances dark circles, because there’s more blood in the veins under your eyes.” Just incase you were wondering where that constant look of fatigue was coming from.

What's your current emotion based on the condition of your skin?

Do you find these correlations to be true?
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