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Hello Nakama!

We're getting every so close to the end of the Nakama Campfire Challenge!

It's been a fun journey this far and today's challenge is a fun one indeed. What is a good starter anime for those who don't watch it? This is a tough one as it really depends on the person. There's an anime out there for everyone but not every anime is for everyone.

For me there is one anime that o recommend over all else; the one that I believe everyone would love. No it's not Dragon Ball Z (although you should watch that too)

Fullmetal Alchemist!

The anime that truly has it all.

Action, comedy, romance, horror and a little bit of sci-fi; Fullmetal Alchemist had a little something for everyone. It's the anime I recommend 99% of the time to those looking to get into anime. With the amazing characters and some of the best story telling I've seen in anything, it's an anime that all can enjoy!

Some people might say to watch Botherhood first or to only watch Brotherhood but I disagree.

I believe you won't have a true appreciation for ether show if you watch Brotherhood first. Even though Brotherhood is closer to the manga and the 03' anime is a little slower there's still lots to love about the original Fullmetal Alchemist.

What do you all think? What anime do you recommend to those who haven't seen anime?

Make your own card and let everyone know! Don't forget to tag @InVinsybll

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

@InVinsybll it was the anime that fully got me back into anime. I love this show it really rivals DBZ for my favorite anime.
@SonTyler yeah, I feel like Hughes and Nina wouldn't have hit me as hard if I hadn't watched the OS first
@OtakuDemon10 yeah I don't get the OS hate. It's still a great series, a little slower but you're right it dives into backgrounds better. It makes some of the emotional moments a little better especially with Hughes and Nina Tucker.
yaaaas! FMA was an anime I watched fairly early on, and I definitely appreciate it as one of those entry anime. it's still a favorite of mine, and it showed that shonen anime can still appeal widely without constant fanservice
Yay! Someone else who feels the same way about the original series! I really like how it went deeper into some of the background stories, like Barry the Chopper, and that fake gold story! It annoys me when people bash it just because it arced away from the manga, which hadn't been written past that point yet