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Hiya Guys! So I just made a card of Haikyuu! Genderbends and I also had to share the Genderbends of Kuroko because they are absolutely adorable!
Our Generation of Miracles are so cute as female middle schoolers! I love female Aomine and Akashi! :) they are so cute!
I really also love Kise as well! these Art really capture his (her) energy and playfulness! And Midorima is as quiet and serious as ever! Haha and she still has that good luck charms! And even still in all these fan art, Kuroko is as quiet and just almost as empty minded haha :)
This is the best one yet! Then would be beautiful prom dates! XD @MadAndrea @Kirik @InVinsybll @hikaymm @AimeBolanos I really loves these! Which one do you like the best?:)
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murasakibara still has the tall stature even as a female