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I've been absolutely crazy about lip balms lately.

I used to be one of the biggest lipstick hoarders on the planet, literally -- but those days have come and gone. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm loving the whole natural lip and flesh tone trend that has been taking over this past year or so. It screams minimal and simple -- and if you know me, you know just how pressed I am over minimalist looks even when it comes to makeup.
While lipsticks are great, sometimes it's nice to go for a more natural look every now and then. There are several amazing lip balms on the market that are waiting for you to get your hands on, but what most don't know is that certain products contain parabens and other ingredients that can be potentially detrimental. That's why I'm here to introduce all you beauty lovers out there to some amazing vegan lip balms minus the chemicals. Keep scrolling to check them out below.

Brand: Herbivore

Product: Rose Lip Butter
'Our lip butter is made with moisturizing Shea Butter and essential oils — no artificial fragrances or flavors — and conditions beautifully. Texture is smooth, creamy, and luxurious.'
[get yours here]

Brand: Eco Lips

Product: Bee Free Vegan Unscented Lip Balm
'You’re pure and proud of it! We honor your commitment to simplicity with this hard-working, vegan lip balm. Sweetened with just a bit with organic Stevia, our unscented Bee Free lip balm is where it’s at!'
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Brand: Pacifica

Product: Color Quench Lip Tint - Vanilla Hibiscus
'A moisturizing gloss that nourishes and electrifies your lips.'
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Brand: Booda Organics

Product: Booda Butter ❤ Naked Lip Balm
'You will fall in love with this unique oval tube of joy! A slightly different formula then our daily moisturizer - designed with lips in mind and for your travel needs, as it fits perfectly in pockets! Booda Butter (Naked Lip Balm) uses gentle, yet powerful ingredients found only in nature to provide lasting moisture for dry, chapped lips, and other spots that might need a little love on the go. Goes on with a smooth glide and men love it too! Simple, effective and naturally naked.'
[get yours here]

Do you currently own any vegan lip balm(s)?

Would you invest in any of the above items?
I'm so pumped about this. I really need to start looking into cruelty free and vegan cosmetics. I'd love more cards like this!
thank you!! I'm sure i will :) @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton no problem ☺️ hope you like it
thanks for the recommendation :) @MyAffairWith
I'm going to have to give Pacifica a try! @MyAffairWith
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