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What is a great starter anime to show someone who doesn't watch anime? Well it really depends on the persons taste of shows or movies! Some people are into Gruesome Horror shows, some people are into Romantic Comedies, some people are into Funny Action packed shows etc. So I have an animes for each xD
Romantic Comedies! These cute funny Romantic Comedies are perfect for newbies! Cute couple moments, Hilarious scenes, what more could you ask for?! These animes will have them wanting more Im sure of it! Maid Sama❤ Ouran High School Host Club❤ Inu x Boku SS❤
Scary, or Gruesome Action! Now these animes are for those newbies that like a little blood and hardcore action! These two animes are right on the target when it comes to that! Both have awesome action packed scenes and very gruesome parts but im sure that newbies would get hooked by watching one of these. Attack on Titan❤ Tokyo Ghoul❤
Romantic, Funny, Sad Animes! These animes are more on the sad note of animes compared to a Romantic Comedy Anime. These animes bring out the feels that we all need to release sometimes but it is very cute and has various funny parts along the way but these two animes hit you right on the feels more than any other. Even if these animes make you cry im sure newbies would get hooked by its sense of emotion and animation. Clannad & Clannad After Story❤ Your Lie in April❤
Action Fantasy! Amazing Fantasy Action Animes are all over the place when it comes to this genre. I honestly believe that if someone new to anime watched one of the animea I recommend, I know that they will get hooked up on the anime and look for more amazing animes just like it! I couldn't chose one so I chose my top 5 xD Fairy Tail❤ Bleach❤ Naruto❤ Fate/Zero & Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works❤ Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic & The Kingdom of Magic❤
I hope you guys liked my choices and for those who haven't watched one of my options you gyys should watch them too! @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tbell2 @AtisutoMero @PRroxx05 @gabemartin @BlackoutZJ
really depends on the person, a serious person will not wanna watch somethimg crazy
@Grantford Thank you😌
Great choices.
JACKAL STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!