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Last year I started diffusing essential oils because I wanted to infuse my mind and body with zen. On a more practical note, I was tired of buying expensive candles!
That's when I learned about the benefits of aromatherapy. In addition to diffusing the oils, I learned a great deal about the incredible effects of oils on the human body. You can take them orally and topically.
I bring this up because if you're going to spend the money on candles and potpourri, then wouldn't it make more sense to diffuse essential oil in water, which lasts for A LONG TIME, plus gives you the mind-body benefits that candle wax can't?
If you're serious about oils, and you should be, then I recommend this book that I purchased off Amazon. I think it was like $23 or so. Anyhow, like I told my friend, you need to get it fast because the book is out of print and has been banned by the FDA.
Sounds scary, right?! Well, if you understand that the big pharmaceutical companies are basically out to keep everyone on the planet sick and dependent on drugs, then it's easy to see why they would pressure the FDA to ban a book on NATURAL REMEDIES.
The book is full info and lists ailments in alpha-order. It also lists essential oils in alpha-order so you can see how oils can impact your health.
Last September I experienced abrupt hearing loss in my left ear. No idea why. It didn't hurt, but it was really annoying. That's when I saw a physician and they prescribed special drops in my ear.
Well, after a week of that, nothing helped. That's when I tried essential oils. Two days later, my hearing was back to normal. They've been fine ever since.
While I am not allowed to say "oils cured me," can you think of another reason why my month-long hearing loss was returned to normal?
Since I work in a high-pressure job, and things can escalate into madness rather quickly, I diffuse my own blend of wild orange, frankincense and ylang ylang. It smells amazing, keeps me chill and brightens my mood.
If you're tired of buying candles (that don't actually do anything but melt) and you're ready to get your mind and body on the health track, then I recommend you investigate essential oils further. Give it a shot. Ask a friend if they diffuse them.
Of course, you can also ask me a million questions about it and I will do my best to answer them! :)
I love this card!! I love essential oils also. That book about oils seems really interesting and I would love to be able to read it since the FDA is dumb I better see if I can still purchase it on Amazon. I am really into incense as well.
Lavender is great for ultimate relaxation and sleep. I bet that's why @EasternShell
I like lavender and peppermint both soothing for different reasons.
I bought it at local essential oil shop. but soon, I want to try buy it local online shop. it's save my time. @marshalledgar
@marshalledgar I love lavender, peppermint and rose. I recently search an online store to buy other essential oils like geranium
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