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Even with his eyes closed......

My ultimate bae is gorgeous..... js.

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@xroyalreisx Pretty much.....although Simon D is climbing up into my top 5 so he's UUUGH too 😫😫 @Cassierchiqua UUUUGGHH 😥😥😥 I've got a date with him at the hi-touch in Seattle and I dunno if imma be able to deal.
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@PassTheSuga simon stole jay seat on my list xD
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Girl my group photo I was by Jay but loco stole my heart at the show..he had me so hypr
2 years ago·Reply
@Cassierchiqua (°o°) I am so jealous now
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yes he is I'm really sad I'm gonna miss him and AOMG concert. there all here in California. so close and yet so far.
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