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this time female biases !! OK so I really listen to quite alot of girl groups so I will choose only some or from the groups I listen and look up to the most. .. @Lexxcisco ( i was supposed to put this yesterday ㅠㅠ)
Eunji - Apink she is not only from my favorite girl group of all time but also she is a great person as well as really nice she is actually the ideal type of alot of kpop guys, and her voice is amazing
Hyorin - Sistar I totally love her voice :3 she actually performed recently in "Masked Singer" and her voice was so amazing (Leo was also in that episode) she also is really kind one of my favorite OST's (Crazy of you" which was The Master's sun OST) is sung by her
Minah- Girls Day she is so cute and appears in one of my favorite girl group "Girls Day".. her voice is amazing and actually my favorite song last year was her song "I am a Woman Too"
Taeyeon - Girls Generation her voice is so nice and soothing in both her solo's (I and Rain), she is also a really caring leader
Jimin - AOA she is really cute and even her height is short adding to her cuteness :3 alot of people criticize her voice when rapping but I think it rather suits her and is different from other rappers
Hani- EXID she is really carefree about quite some things and really outgoing, her voice is also really nice, she is also really smart and quite tomboyish
Moonbyul or Solar- Mamamoo (i seriously can't decide) I personally think Moonbyul looks a lot like Xiumin from EXO, well both are very charming and funny, moonbyul raps very good and solar sings amazing too
Hyuna- 4 minute I personally really like Hyuna, she is quite different from other idols and really pretty too(but well who isn't in the kpop world) as well as really popular
And others like (CL from 2ne1 , Suzy from Miss A, Eunjung from T-ara, Amber from F (x), Yooa from Oh my girl, Gain from BEG,) and probably even more. #Thekpopchallengehs ~Emily-Kite-Tenjo