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Smutty smut goodness with this baozi!!!


Behind your half-filled wine glass you can see a pair of eyes focused solely on you. The laughter of your friends dulls, so does the clubs loud music, and even though the lights are dim and he’s halfway across that bar you can tell just by his look that he wants you. So you feel nothing less then confident when you make your way over. He stands up, undoes his tie a bit, and bites his lip. “Can I buy you a drink?” He asks politely. You take his hand and shake your head. You smile at the sad frown that creeps onto his face. “No, but you can take me home.” __________ Halfway through the door and his mouth is on yours, one hand preoccupied with crawling up your skirt as the other supports you around the waist. Through many sloppy kisses and mindless groping on the cab ride here you’d learned his name was Xiumin. But that’s all you learned, because after one lined introductions you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself and neither could he. The door closes when Xiumin slams you up against it. You feel teeth at your neck and a raspy moan escapes your throat as the fabric of your skirt is bunched uncomfortably around your thighs. Tangling your fingers in his hair, you give him a rough tug and force Xiumin to return to your lips. The kiss is a mess of tongue and pants and you let your hand come down to fumble with the top button on his jeans. In a blur of muttered words, Xiumin gets your panties off and you get his pants and boxers around his knees. Hitching one of your legs around his hips, there’s no need for him to start off slow. With every pounding thrust, Xiumin gets deeper and deeper and you lose your mind faster, resting your head in the crook of his neck as he growls low against your ear about how hot and tight you are. Your nails dig into his shoulder and you feel waves of pleasure ring through your body. Clenching around him you don’t even mind that your back is repeatedly being banged against the hard surface because the intensity of Xiumin’s movements and the needy grip on your thigh are enough to cloud over the pain and make the sting all that more enjoyable.  You two cling to each other, bruises forming on every inch of skin, as Xiumin continues to ravage you in the hallway until you’re both satisfied and out of breath. The rest of the night is an absolute daze because the last thing you remember is the high of orgasm and the soft voice of an angel telling you to sleep. ______ It’s 7 am when your eyes open and you find yourself in an unfamiliar bed. The body beside you is sleeping soundly, back facing you, and for a second your head pounds and your hips ache and you feel like fainting all at once. But then your phone vibrates beside you on the mattress and you look down only to see one notification in all capital letters:DON’T BE LATE FOR THE FIRST DAY OF WORK! Trying not to scream so you don’t wake up your one-night stand partner, you muffle it by shoving your face into the pillow and then springing up, grabbing your things at the speed of light, before dashing off without a goodbye. To be honest you’re too embarrassed to face the person anyway, especially considering what probably happened last night.  When you get into the elevator, heels in one hand and your cardigan in the other, you take a look at yourself in the mirrors reflection and groan. Splotches of red are blossoming up and down your neck, your hair is a complete and utter mess, and every inch of you is throbbing.  As the doors open on the first floor, you slip on your shoes, fumbling past the doorman who raises an eyebrow but shrugs his shoulders. ______ You have no time to get home and even less time to make yourself look presentable. Gathering your hair in a ponytail, you try to tuck your shirt back into your skirt, buttoning it up all the way to hide the all too obvious hickies. Thankfully the building you’d woke up in is conveniently close to your new office residence and although the secretary eyes you suspiciously when you show her your ID, you’re allowed inside and you tell yourself in the elevator that ok this hasn’t been a great start- but at least you’re not late. Or so you thought. Apparently you are late, ten minutes late, as your new supervisor informs you. Already she’s lecturing you on orderly conduct, looking you up and down and shaking her head. “Is this really how you show up to your first day of work? Are you kidding? You look like you’ve been mauled by a cat!” She snorts and you hang your head low, bowing in apology. “Just wait till the boss gets here! He’ll be hearing about your tardiness!” Spinning on her heel, the supervisor makes a march down the hall. You curse in your head, but follow her shamefully as your other coworkers huddle together to gossip. Once you’re seated at your new desk, you’re handed a stack of papers. The supervisor tells you that you’re lucky the man in charge isn’t here yet, otherwise you would have been fired on the spot. With her back turned you scrunch up your nose and smack your head down onto the stack. Why did you agree to go out drinking with your friends last night? Why did you notice that guy flirting with you? Why did you ask him to take you home?!?!?! All the questions make your already pounding headache even worse. You sigh, picking up the papers to go photocopy them as you were instructed, but the slip from your hands once you see the person standing in front of you. “Remember me?” His smile is a perfect white, in the clear light you see the same eyes that you saw at the club last night, except instead of being hooded and sharp, they’re warm and friendly. Before one word can even leave your mouth the sound of someone elses voice beats yours. “Mr.Xiumin! I see you’ve meet the new employee, well let me report something sir she was late this morning! And to top it all off she came in looking-” “Looking gorgeous?” Xiumin completes the supervisors sentence and cuts her off with an even brighter smile. “I’ve always been fond of a girls afterglow.” He comments, reaching out to touch the side of your reddening check. The entire office breaks out into a uproar of whispers. Xiumin retracts his hand and you stare at him doe-eyed and in shock. “Well, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other now. I look forward to it.” He adds before turning around and motioning for the supervisor to follow him. She throws a nasty glare your way before rushing after him. You sit down, trying to process that the man you’d slept with last night was actually your new boss. When you look up again you peek at Xiumin through the glass of his office. The supervisor is talking, hands moving erratically, as he flips through the pages of a folder. When he stops, your breath hitches and he catches your eye. The corners of his mouth lift and he sends you a wink that makes you blush and look away. “Well, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other now…….” You repeat and smile, yeah you guess you will…….. <3
i feel like this is too great to be a one shot, and needs to continue!!
Damn your hot and sexy one night stand is your new boss!! HELL YES!! lol😉😉
@LemonLassie lol I have way too many stuff going on right now. maybe I'll continue it later :)
@PrincessUnicorn omg you do the story I'll do the smut part! lol
Omo... I gotta say is.. I Love You! Lol Xiumin is my ultimate bias and this was amazing! Haha
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