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This morning there was incredible news. One of my musical heroes, and a person I admire deeply will be reopening The Bataclan, a venue in Paris that was targeted by an ISIS attack last year. I remember writing about it hat day, things felt alien and strange, because music has always been sacred. People who target the sensitive and beautiful souls of the music world end up creating a lot of sadness, because most of us engage in art because we're sensitive and we need a way to communicate with the world. Several people were killed and many injured in the senseless attack. It got me thinking about he power of music, and how it has the ability to heal everything despite the destruction it follows.
Pete Doherty is no stranger to destruction and his tumultuous career is proof. Although, people give him a bad rap, he's actually a musical genius with a great heart and passion for his fans and his friends.
He's been on a miniature tour of the U.K. ahead of his new solo release. The Paris show will take place on November 16th with gigs from Nada Surf and others to follow. The venue owners have been working tirelessly to preserve and renovate the venue, proving once again that above all else music can get through anything. I believe he is the perfect person to reopen the Bataclan, because he is living proof that things can change. People can heal, life moves ever onward in the face of adversity, destruction and even pure evil. People and societies that love music have a funny resilience about them.
The reopening of The Bataclan is sure to be a magical and beautiful evening, and I wish I could be there to experience it.
@Titplum, the Libertines came to the US when I was like...8. Very early on in their career. But they haven't been back since. I'm planning a trip to the UK sometime in the near future :)
@TessStevens I know! Actually it's the first time I'll see him. I'll do my best to take pictures and share my experience. Has he ever done a gig in the US, solo or with one of his bands ? I hope you can meet him one day!
@Titplum you are so lucky! Please take lots of pictures for me and write about it if you can! I wish I could be there. It's my dream to meet him :,)
Great symbol indeed. When I heard of it, it was obvious to me that I had to go. I've got my ticket today. I'm sure it will be a special evening. It will be so emotional to be in that place. 馃槩
@JayZK aw yes! There's a great lyric from Pete in the Libertines' "The Good Old Days" that has always stuck with me, "If you've lost your faith in love and music, the end won't be long." ugh right?
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