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I've featured self-taught makeup artist, Paola (@paola.11), on Vingle before, which you can see here. And since @TurtleyTurtles is more into greens for makeup, I wanted to share this minty sunrise look that I think is gorgeous this season!
Which shade of green is your favorite? Pastel? Blueish? Dark? Emerald?
Cosmetics used:
Eyeshadows: Nomad Cosmetics 'Marrakesh' palette
Liner: Motives Cosmetics 'Little Black Dress'
Lashes: Luxy Lash 'Eazy Duz It'
Marrakesh Palette
Hummm....somehow I would have liked this more if she had a full sweep of that mint color. It's a great color that can stand on its own.
These two colors go really well together! I like darker greens, but I'm really liking this. My favorite is just lighter than emerald green, with a little shimmer.
I am in love with Emerald green!! As I am Irish lol. I do love the Mint color though. Very nice!
I love Mint. This is fabulous.
So glad you love it! @CandaceJordan I love it too. I love this Marrakesh palette too!