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Here's the breakdown: Step 1. Make a list of your Top 5 Biases (They Must be in Order) Ultimate Bias First. Step 2. Answer the Following Questions. Questions: Q1. How did he make it into your top 5? Q2. What is your favorite thing about his personality? Q3. What is your favorite thing about his physical appearance? Q4. Was it love at first sight? Q5. What was your first impression of him.
1. Lee Hyukjae (Eunhyuk) from Super Junior UB Q1. To be honest I have no clue how he got here but it came into my heart I think was after a year of know super junior I was watch a variety show of theirs and he smiled and I fell hard. Q2. I love his dorky and fun side but he can be very serious when needed he is probably the sweetest person. He saved up money to buy his family a their first house. He cares for all his members and ELFs too Q3. There are two things about his appearance first is his eyes I love single eyelids I think they are pretty next is his cute gummy smile. Q4. No I had know super junior a year before he became my bias mostly due to the fact my bias at the time was Changmin form DBSK. Q4. He was cute and funny and then when he danced was like omg.
2. Do kyungsoo (EXO) Q1. If you don't know by know this cutie is my squishy penguin son. His voice is what got me but I stayed for his personality. I don't know how he creeped into my heart but he did. Q2. His personality is a lot like mine he is very shy and quite at first but then he can be loud and oh boy when he is mad it's the cutest thing ever. I don't like the whole satansoo so name he got because I don't think he is mean. I would be annoyed by chanyeol or Baekhyun doing stuff to me too. Q3. His eyes and squishy face I'm mean come on who could say no to that. Q4. No again because Kai was my bias at first then chanyeol and then kyungsoo. I'm sorry kyungie but I saved the best for last huh. Q4. Cute and quite. He was always watching over the other members.
3. Park Chanyeol (EXO) Q1. Chanyeol was definitely in my sights before I really got to know EXO. Mostly because he is tall and had a deep voice. Channie is definitely bae is EXO. He is funny and sarcastic as they come. Q2. Chanyeol doesn't take himself too seriously he is a huge dork and he doesn't care and he always seems very happy. But he can be sexy as hell when around fans. Q3. His ears are my favorite thing I think they are so cute he is an elf for sure. Q4. Yes because is was between him and Jongin for bias of EXO. Q5. Deep voice giant. Hahah
4. Byun Baekhyun (EXO) Q1. He came and ruined my life on 2/10/16 at the EXO concert in Dallas he winked at the crowd I died on the spot. Q2. This cute beagle is not that at all he is a sexy vixen and know how to use to get his way. He has a great personality to be honest he is funny and a little shit to his hyungs. Q3. Baekhyun hips don't lie. I don't know either but I just love his hips. Q4. Well yes he was like hello there I'm Baekhyun and bam I feel in love. Q5. Cute beagle that was funny as hell.
5. CL (2NE1) I know she is not a guy but it's CL Q1. She is my queen and as been since their first debut. Q2. CL is fierce but she is super cute and she has great fashion sense. Q3. CL is beautiful and I love everything about her but my favorite is her eyes Q4. Yes and it always will be. Q5. Holy shit who is that and how can I be her.
CL is queen af like yas boo
That's a nice list. Eunhyuk is my bias of SuJu. Thank you for playing. 🤗