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I saw this card posted by @hikaymm and it immediately made me think of this one anime that keeps popping up in my mind. Especially when it comes to the genra of harem and/or ecchi involved. XD Anyways, the one anime that I actually enjoyed watching and I could also call it my favorite harem anime is......
TaDa!!!! Infinite Stratos!!! Wahoooo!!
I really do enjoy watching this anime, even though s2 totally caught me off guard. XD I love it in terms of having a good plot. s1 one anyway XD It didn't just have panty shots every few seconds, like it surprisingly had an actual plot. It has the comedy, the romance, and enough action (NOT THAT KIND OF ACTION!! XD) to keep me entertained.
The main character Ichika Orimura is such a sweet heart. The sad thing is, he's the only guy in this all girls school. Which is typical in a harem anime XD Anyways, he really does care about the friends he managed to make in this series, even though he's seriously oblivious and doesn't know how read signs properly
Ichika and Houki are my favorite couple in this series. Like not only did they know each other growing up, but they really do look good together in my opinion. BUT it's just wishful thinking when all Ichika only sees Houki as, is a close friend and nothing more *sighs*
I mean like come on Ichika. All these girls really like you. You have the looks, the shy boy thing seems to be doing well for him, plus he's really strong when it comes to defending others. I wonder what he has to deal with when White Day comes around? XD @BlackoutZJ @AshChrimson @Janxsalas
IchiHou, LaurIchi, as well
IchiChifu all the way! THE SHIP HAS SET SAIL!!!
I need to get into this show lol