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this would be a good starter anime because its Martial arts, Romantic comedy, Urban fantasy who dosnt love these lol
@AdamDean =) because boobs? there is way more intentional fanservice out there now than ever before lol you should see people suggesting psycho pass as a starter, now that I would not suggest
@Alcides13 the first two are fan made but the last one is from actual anime shot. I've cosplayed this anime many times because it's super fun even if its older. only thing its long.
@alcides13 yeah this is an old one, but a good one. it basically started the genre of harem anime.
@Ticasensei I agree, it makes sense, he's a guy he wouldn't think to cover up. It's not fanservice because it makes logical sense for the character, but for an outsider looking in, it's gonna seem that way. But whatever works I suppose, if they could ignore the nudity I'm sure they would get hooked.
And so many shenanigans . 😀😀
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