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this would be a good starter anime because its Martial arts, Romantic comedy, Urban fantasy who dosnt love these lol
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It might be different on the anime, but in the manga Female Ranma, and occasionally others but most Ranna, is naked a lot. There is no attempt to hide it just BOOM... nipples. For first anime suggestions I usually say Full Metal Alchemist since it's perversion is mild, it's not obviously Japanese and thus easier to get into, and it is awesome. It was my first anime so I might be a bit biased, but I've been an otaku for over 5 years now so it did its job.
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@AdamDean yeah full metal is super awesome! ranma 1/2 is pretty much the same in the anime as in the manga. I rarely watch anything with nudity however, they really don't make a thing about it in the anime, almost really not sexualized because ranma is a guy and he don't care to be naked so he is careless when he is a girl lol but also the animation on it is very soft almost not visible.
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@AdamDean either way everyone has their own anime that started their otaku life right? I have many friends that started with this because back then there was only a few anime. in turn they have been anime fan for over 20 years! =) anime is great
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And so many shenanigans . 😀😀
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@Ticasensei I agree, it makes sense, he's a guy he wouldn't think to cover up. It's not fanservice because it makes logical sense for the character, but for an outsider looking in, it's gonna seem that way. But whatever works I suppose, if they could ignore the nudity I'm sure they would get hooked.
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