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Jessica Nigri does not deserve her position on the charts. I'm not saying she's a bad cosplayer, she's just not the best. She makes top charts simply because boys (not men) can't keep it in their pants.
Don't get me wrong (once again) she's NOT a BAD cosplayer Anyone who knows me on here well enough knows I love tits man. I love them. Hell yes. But there are far more deserving, more accurate, hard working cosplayers out there who deserve recognition! But they are all ignored because of girls like Nigri (who once again I have nothing against) It's her fans I take issue with.
This cosplay is actually accurate because the character is already a slut. With nice tits. Yes. Hell yes. Nigri doesn't even make all her own costumes... I just wish guys would keep their fantasies separate from actual art. Better cosplayers deserve better.
I'm a simple man. I see tits, I drop a comment.
it's true all true... her audience are those boys (.-.) <<<<<
@Catstalker Not only gay people are in the fashion business... plus she's no where near model size
she's actually a wonderful person and why shouldn't she show off? People beg her to wear costumes because she's got the body for it and it's all about fantasy. There's not a fan boy out there that doesn't have a fantasy about her. At least she does cosplay instead of runway bs in some homo's idea of fashion. talk about bad costumes!