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Genre: Angst Pairing: Namjoon x Reader Length: 2615 words Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student. Part: 2/? I shakily recollected myself, waiting for Namjoon to leave, and be far away before I left the classroom myself. The teachers were all surprisingly upbeat and chatty, which I didn’t appreciate. I needed silence to get my head straight. I wasn’t surprised that Jin was surrounded by pretty much all the relatively young female staff, so I left him to it. What if Namjoon tells someone what we did? Then it suddenly occurred to me. I had his number. I could just text him not to tell anyone. And so, sitting alone, in the corner of the staffroom, that’s exactly what I did. Of course, I kept it formal. Or at least, I tried.
I gave up. He was being deliberately coy, God knows why. I kept thinking things like No wonder we went to my house, not his. He probably lives on campus. I was so lost in my thoughts that the break was up and before I knew it, Jin was hauling me up to my feet. “Time for the next class y/n!” He was annoyingly cheerful, but I didn’t let on as I smiled and followed him. “Why didn’t you come sit with me?”, he asked quietly, wary of the students who were rushing to their next classes. “You seemed a little preoccupied”, I replied, smiling slightly. I didn’t realise he’d gone red until looked over to ask why he’d gone so quiet. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We managed to get through the classes without too much trouble, thank god. But Namjoon was always on my mind. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day, thank god, but my heart sank as I remembered that I would have to teach that particular class four times a week. Unless I changed my timetable, I would have one hellish semester. But me and Jin have planned everything out...I can’t just leave him. Finally, the teaching day came to an end. Me and Jin left together, discussing how today had gone. “My favourite class was the first one!” he exclaimed with a smile. I just mumbled “Same” in response. He was silent until he asked me in a worried tone, “Y/n are you alright? You really don’t seem yourself today.” I sighed. Why did I park the car so far away? I didn’t know why he was speaking so quietly. All the first years were long gone, and to any one else we just looked like another couple of students. “I’m fine Jin. Really.’s the first day back. Tired me out”. I grinned, hoping he wouldn’t see through the lie. And it seemed to work, as he waved and walked off to his car. “See you tomorrow y/n!” “Bye Jin! Remember to email me the homework we’re setting so I have a copy too!” He nodded, and with a smile, he was off. I had stupidly parked at the other end of the car park, so made my way across to my car. As I fished around in my bag for my keys, I stopped dead at the shadow on the floor in front of me. It couldn’t be mine because lord knows I wasn’t THAT tall. I whirled around and came face to face with the one boy I didn’t want to see. “Namjoon.” I wasn’t going to show any emotion. He was a pupil. It was an honest mistake, that’s all. “Y/n.” The tone of his deep, raspy voice sent shivers down my spine. “Why are you still here? First years were let out some time ago.” He snorted like the answer was obvious. Which it was, but like I said- no emotion. “I wanted to see you, babe.” My eyes snapped up to meet his. He was clearly testing my limits. “Show me some respect”, I commanded, my tone icy. “I’m your teacher.” I kind of wished Jin was with me. Maybe then Namjoon wouldn’t have approached me. He had me where he wanted me. He stepped closer, his tall, lean frame towering over me. I looked up at him to show him I wouldn’t back down. “Cut the crap y/n. You being my teacher doesn’t change shit.” I sighed, looking away from his dark eyes. The more I stared, the more I wanted him. This was so wrong, but being with him felt so right. Not that I’d ever admit that. “Yes it does!”, I yelled, forgetting to keep my voice down. I instantly clamped my hand over my mouth, but the car park seemed empty. “Yes”, I tried again. “It changes everything. It’s against the law.” He chuckled, the deep sound resonating through the air around me. “Tell me you don’t want me”, he said with an air of confidence. “Go on. Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t want this.” “Namjoon...”, I faltered. I didn’t have to look at him to know he was smirking. “I can’t do this”, I whispered. If he didn’t care about his education, that wasn’t my problem. I wasn’t about to put my job on the line. I turned back around to make a dash for my car, but Namjoon grabbed my wrist. He can’t do that! I’m his god damn teacher! I struggled silently, using my free hand to pry his fingers off me. “Please let go”, I pleaded. I didn’t want anyone seeing us. “It’s him isn’t it?”, Namjoon growled. “What?” I genuinely didn’t know what he meant. “Your ‘colleague’ Jin”, Namjoon spat, echoing my words from this morning. Before I could reply, Namjoon cut in. “That’s who you were texting in the bar, wasn’t it? Is he a boyfriend that you cheated on?” “Enough!” I shouted, making him freeze. “Kim Namjoon, you are going too far. Me and Jin aren’t a thing, if you must know, but even if we were, it would be none of your god damn business!” He smirked at me. What would it take for this boy to understand what was trying to say? To my surprise, he took a step back, and slowly turned to walk away. “Your loss, Miss”, he sneered. “And just so you know, I won’t tell anyone, seeing as you asked so nicely earlier.” I breathed a sigh of relief at his words. I was hoping his friends wouldn’t tell anyone either. He gave up easily, I thought as I watched him walk away. The next day, I actually made an effort to look decent. I don’t know why I did, honestly. You are NOT doing this for him. You can wear whatever the hell you want. It was a warm day, so I picked my blue summer dress. It’s flowing material stopped just above my knees, so it was appropriate attire in my eyes. But because those stupid purple marks were still visible, I also opted for a cardigan. Fuck you Namjoon. “Hey you!”, I playfully nudged Jin. He smiled. I knew he instantly knew my mood was better than yesterdays. I guess it was because Namjoon said he would leave me be. I could exercise self- control and suppress whatever feelings I had for him- and I was glad he could do the same. “Hi y/n. You look nice today”, he gave me his signature smile. I rolled my eyes and giggled. “Jin, I swear you always say that whenever you see me.” “And I always mean it!”, he exclaimed. He pointed to the desk. “Instead of standing with you, I’m gonna sit at the desk when you do your bit...I get tired standing for the whole hour!” As the first of the students started to make an appearance I laughed, but nodded understandingly. I would do the same, because Jin was right. It really did take its toll, just standing there. I frowned at the empty back row. Jin obviously noticed the lack of people at the back too, because as I set up the presentation, he whispered “How much do you bet the bad boy club’s gonna be late again?” He smiled at him but didn’t reply. I glanced at the clock. 9:02 am. “Right guys, settle down!” I spoke. I started rambling on about acids and bases, cracking a few jokes here and there to keep the students dwindling attention on me. I kept glancing at the clock. Ten past. Quarter past. Finally, damn near twenty minutes late, the boys stumbled in. Breathless, just like yesterday. I didn;t falter on my words. Not until I saw the scantily clad girl who walked in, holding hands with Namjoon. The very sight made my stomach drop. “Er.Boys and...girl”, in spoke sternly. The class found it funny that he didn’t know the girls name, but to be honest I only knew three names in this class. And not for the right reasons. My eye caught one of Namjoon’s other friends, and he gave me a small smirk. He was paler than his friends, and his features were just.... I mean, he looked other-worldly. He sat himself down to Jimin, and looked away to get his stuff out of his back. Stop y/n! He’s. A. Fucking. Student. What’s wrong with you?! Jin continued. “Can you please come and see me after the class? I warned you about this yesterday. Sorry y/n, please continue.” I nodded at him and continued, thankful I only had five or six minutes of speaking time left. In that time, I refused to look anywhere near the back row. I wasn’t going to give Namjoon the satisfaction. Then my half an hour was up. I exhaled in relief, as Jin stood up, smiling and addressing the class. I sank down in his chair. Now all I had to do was wait out the half an hour. My phone buzzed in my cardigan pocket. I frowned. Who was texting me at this time? When I saw the name on my screen my heart dropped. Namjoon. He said he was going to leave me alone. Maybe I should block his number.
I turned the phone off and hastily pocketed it. No way did I want to have this conversation in front of a whole lecture room full of students. What does he mean he’s a ‘taken man’? He’s found someone already? I shook my head. No y/n, that’s a good thing. Wait, that girl who’s sat with him... I’ve been replaced with HER? Well damn. Namjoon had sure has hell dropped his standards. But who was I to judge. “Right”, Jin announced with a tone of finality. “Any questions?” He was met with silence. He laughed. “Thought not. We will be setting homework tomorrow, so we know you really understand it!” THAT elicited a response. The whole class groaned and we laughed. “Coffee break?” I suggested, as the students finally left. He grinned at my eagerness. “Not yet y/n. Wait for me.” Oh no, I thought. I didn’t want to be here watching Namjoon and his friends get told off. “Will the 6 boys and the girl who came in late please stay behind? Thank you.” Fuck. “Jin, do I really need to be here?”, I asked helplessly as I watched them all come down the stairs and make their way towards us. “Of course. You’re their teacher just as much as I am. Don’t worry, I’ll be quick”, he assured me. I sighed. I couldn’t tell him why this made me so uncomfortable. Even Jin wouldn’t understand. They all stood in a row. The nearest to me was the guy who was smirking at me, then Jungkook, then someone I didn’t know, then Jimin. Then someone else I didn’t know. Then Namjoon, who had his arms wrapped around the girls waist. I looked at them all, except Namjoon. The only one who looked even remotely apologetic was Jungkook. At least, I think that was his name- my memory was always bad when it came to names. Jin crossed his arms and went into strict teacher mode. “Why were you guys twenty minutes late? You know it disrupts the teacher and the rest of the class.” “Sorry, we overslept”, the boy between Jimin and Namjoon spoke up. His voice was deep- even deeper than Namjoon’s. Jin shifted his attention to the boy, as did I.” Sorry, what’s your name?”, Jin asked. “Taehyung”, he mumbled, clearly regretting speaking up. “Well Taehyung, I suggest you go to bed earlier.” The girl next to Namjoon let out a high-pitched, frankly embarrassing giggle, like Jin had told the funniest joke on Earth. Thankfully Jin glared at her, which wiped the smile off her face instantly. I bit back a smile. When I looked up, I noticed the boy nearest to me , staring at me intensely. Speak, y/n, you coward! “Something wrong, Mr...?” He smiled. “No, Nothing’s wrong. And the name’s Yoongi. Min Yoongi.” I smiled at his terrible James Bond impression, and he grinned back. I looked at Jin. This wasn’t really a telling off, was it? “Listen guys, it’s the start of term. I don’t really want to tell you off, but I want no more occurrences of this type of idol behaviour. Understood?” They all mumbled “Yes Sir”, but before they turned away, in stopped them once more. “Hang on! Aren’t you going to apologise to y/n for disrupting her?” I turned to Jin. “Jin, that really won’t be necess-” But the boy who introduced himself as ‘Yoongi’ was quick to jump in. “Sorry y/n.” Jungkook and Taehyung followed. Then Jimin, and the boy who’s name I didn’t know. Then the girl, who I didn’t care for. Then finally Namjoon.” They all slouched off except Jungkook and Yoongi. “Sir?”, Jungkook asked hesitantly. I knew in didn’t like to be called ‘Sir’, but I stayed quiet, walking around the desk to collect my bag. Namjoon stood at the top of the stairs, the girl still latched onto him. “Yah! What are you two doing?” He spoke to them, but his eyes were on me. “Just go”, Yoongi urged. “We’ll see you at the apartment.” Namjoon shot him a dark look. I’m guessing this is the only class they have together. Jin looked at Jungkook. “Call me Jin. What can I help you with?” “Have you got a copy of the lecture slides that we missed?” Jungkook asked. Jin turned to me. “That was y/n’s half, so she can assist you with that.” I smiled at the two boys. I didn’t know whether Yoongi knew about me and Namjoon, but Jungkook sure as hell did. I tried to play it cool. “Jin I’ll see you in the staff room- it always takes a while to sort through my notes.” He nodded, clearly glad of an excuse to leave. As I shuffled through the papers, Yoongi’s quiet voice stopped me dead. “We know what you did. Or rather, who you did.” That wasn’t funny in the slightest. I double-checked to see if Jin had gone. He had. “It was a mistake, ok?” I whispered. “I saw the way you looked at that girl.” Jungkook was the one to speak this time, which surprised me. “You were jealous.” He spoke with such confidence. “I really wasn’t ‘jealous’, I assure you”, I stated robotically. What the hell do these two want? “He came in yesterday. Late. Drunk. And with the girl who lives next door to us. God knows how he even made it in.” Finally! I had found the topic slides and held it out to Jungkook. To my surprise, he started walking away, Yoongi following suit. “Acids and Bases is easy”, he muttered as Yoongi laughed. I frowned at the papers in my still outstretched hand. What the hell was that about?
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Wow tbh that last part really pissed me off! The boys had no right to talk to her like that! But I still can't wait for the next ch!!!!
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