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KANO~N KANO~N KANO~N! Kanon Nakagawa from The World God Only Knows!! Kanon-Chan is a popular idol, as well as the third loose soul capture target. She is also revealed to be the second Goddess, Apollo. Kanon is good-natured, polite, and very Cheerful person (She's a doggone sweetheart). Though being a very sweet and cheerful young lady she tends to have very low self-esteem and her idol status is the only thing that provides her comfort. Being ignored by people greatly disturbs her, evoking traumatic memories of the times when she was ignored and easily forgotten by people (Kinda relates to my High school life in a way, but I was alright with just being a ghost). This effected Kanon to the point to where she developed a slight case of Histrionic personality disorder as a result of people ignoring or are unaware about her past and seeks attention from people and wants them to acknowledge her existence (HOW DO YOU IGNORE AN ADORABLE GIRL LIKE HER!!!). This was the reason she became an Idol in the first place. However, as she became more popular as an Idol, the fear of one day losing her idol status, her fans made her worry that she would disappear and be forgotten again. Consequently, She does become depressed when some of the smallest troubles appear. She's so fragile I can't help but want to just cuddle her and not leave her side. She's a complete and utter sweetheart. Who wouldn't love a girl like this? Tell me Who would?
Seishirou Tsugumi from Nisekoi is a Hitwoman who was raised and trained by Claude of the Beehive Gang (Who oddly enough mistook her for a boy, I know Baka Yatsume!!). She was originally introduced as a male student who transferred into Chitoge and Raku's class, and has orders to protect her from Him whom she thinks he's forced Chitoge into having a relationship with Him (Claude read the situation wrong). Tsugumi is described as masculine and aggressive. As a sworn member of the Beehive Gangsters, Tsugumi is very Loyal towards the organization, and especially to its mistress Chitoge, as with all its members. She is usually portrayed as serious, focused, and somewhat mild-mannered. However, after becoming friends with Raku and the others Tsugumi reveals a more feminine and emotional side. Furthermore, Tsugumi is a rather shy individual and becomes greatly flustered and embarrassed as shown when Chitoge would resort her to wear more feminine clothing or when confronted by praise or compliments, normally from Raku. Tsugumi is also rather frank and direct, never hesitating to speak her mind. She's also shown to be playful and cheerful at times, proving that she can be sociable. All the other stuff aside, Tsugumi is dumbfounded by the concept of love, which is shown when she is oblivious of what a love letter is and has no knowledge towards the celebration of Valentine's Day. On the contrary, She is quite knowledgeable in how to confront her emotions and how to act accordingly with it which was evidenced when Raku would come to her for love advice. Despite Tsugumi's Masculinity, She is usually the target of being groped by her female friends due to her Buxom Physique, thus leading her to develop some weird Boob complex (Which sounds quite hilarious, pervertedly speaking of course). Despite her looks she is a freaking tank, She is able to crack walls by banging her head onto it and able to destroy a portion of a wall with a single kick. She is very skilled with guns, She is able to Disassemble and reassemble a gun and fire a shot with remarkable speed and marksmanship. She's can even do it blindfolded. Her most remarkable trait is that she is an amazing cook, Even a cooking Genius like Raku Marveled at her skills.
Selina Sherlock is the Younger Twin sister of Lieselotte Sherlock of the Trinity Seven, and a student reporter in Royal Biblia Academy. Selina is incredibly energetic, very enthusiastic about journalism, and is always looking for a scoop. Selina looks very identical to her sister Liese with the twin tails and hair color. However she has blue eyes and Liese has purple. While not being as curvy as her sister very well proportioned to say the least. Lieselotte told her during one of the early chapters of the Manga and Anime that she'll look like her after a couple years (Hopefully!! I'd love to see that happen). Due to her very energetic personality giving the impression that she just can't stand still her Thema is Ligare (Bind) of the Acedia (Sloth) Archive. Like her sister, Selina is also a user of Logo Arts meaning that she is able use healing Magic to bind wounds and stop bleeding. She can take a photograph to bind the blood and pain to stop the bleeding as well as speed up recovery time. She was also able to interrupt the Suspended world Liese is in. So she could bind Liese to her body meaning this temporarily puts Selina in Liese's world for just a short time. Her Camera is able to Imprint a single moment of light into film. Doing this Allowed her Sister to Imprint and bound Rouge to their world with Selina-Chan's Camera (Talk about your Twin Magic). These Twins are absolutely inseparable no matter if one is stuck in a void for the meantime in the Anime. Through each other's eyes they can communicate. I love these Twins!!!!
There is Waifus 19, 20, and 21!!! These Ladies are now a part of my long list of Waifus in Harem Madness!! I hope you love them as much as I do!!!! #TheWorldGodOnlyKnows #Nisekoi #TrinitySeven @Aimebolanos @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @AshChrimson @simplynick @Silverfang @KarageChan @poojas @CreeTheOtaku @NeckoNecko @JanXSalas and all other followers of Harem Madness!!!
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If Chitoge and Raku didn't work this would be my second choice for a ship