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Robert Horry threw a punch at T-Mac that nearly knocked him out his seat.
Earlier this week, Horry was a guest on "The Jump." Near the end of the segment, the conversation about championship rings came about. Jokingly, T-Mac asked Horry, "Can I get one of them, just one?" Horry viciously replied "Nah dogg, you gotta earn it."
The look on T-Mac's face.. man it looked like he wanted to vomit. If you compare just talent, Tracy McGrady blows Robert Horry out of the water. If you’re comparing rings won while , Horry has a 7-0 advantage there.

Was this vicious verbal assault from Robert Horry on T-Mac called for.. or even fair?

Hahaha I don't think Horry was being serious..
Shit...that's some serious burn right there