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Yesterday, Fallout 4's second piece of DLC came out and if you're not like me (by that I mean, insane about Fallout and willing to buy every piece of DLC no matter what) then you probably want to know what you're getting into before you pick up the add-on for 5 bucks (US, unsure of other prices).
And fortunately for you guys, someone put up a video of themselves building/showing all of the new items added from the Wasteland Workshop DLC.
And I'm not even going to say that this was unhelpful for me. Instead of wasting time looking for each of the new additions, I now know where to look if I want to build any of the brand new items.
To be completely honest, though, I'm not completely excited about this DLC. If you've played Automatron or if you just saw the new features implemented from that DLC, then you'll probably be surprised to see me say that Wasteland Workshop has less than that.
And I know Automatron doesn't even have that many new additions to the game. I will say though that there are a couple of new craftable items that I'm going to be using immediately. Like the garden plot and the fusion generator (that supplies 100 power!!!) for example. If you have the Season Pass or if you picked this up, what do you think about it? I'm glad I have it but if I didn't have the Season Pass, I probably wouldn't have downloaded this one.
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