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Okay guys, before we begin (Doesn't he look yummy there?!^), there is something I must say. Today's challenge is "Bias at Fansign Events." I changed this prompt for for a very selfish reason. So I must confess a negative personality trait that I carry with me: I am a pretty jealous person when it comes to certain things. Now, when people here on Vingle share their experiences on here about any celebrity contact they have, I actually feel very happy and excited for them! I feel like I am celebrating with them, because I love my fellow Vinglers! However, I honestly cannot see myself having a good time researching this topic in which other girls that I do not know at all getting to spend time with Oppa. I hope you do not think negatively of me because of why I changed it... However, I do not believe that anyone will ultimately mind that I changed it, because we are going to admire one of the most famous, beautiful, well-sculpted butts that has ever existed! That is right my friends! It is Jibooty time!
Oh what beauty!
What strength!
Sculpted to perfection!
It is truly a work of art from any angle! *BONUS* How about all of this VMin action up in here?
He knows what he got, and he knows exactly how to kill us all with it!
This one is a bit blurry, but that is just because we are viewing Jibooty close-up and in action! Featuring: Jithighs!
Another action shot!!! Such perfection has been captured so beautifully in just a single shot! Oh what form! This is just so glorious that I do not even know how to contain my emotions! 😭
I am bringing this picture back from the Jimin in Red card along with my K-Pop confession since so many more people have joined us since then: CONFESSION I have this first picture on my ceiling. There is the proof in picture 3. ^ My friend @CamrynCherry printed this picture out and put it on my ceiling for my Birthday last year. Thank you for giving me something beautiful to see every morning when I wake up! 😚 Anywho, as I have mentioned before, those War of Hormone pants are a gift from which we receive some major Jibooty! I mean, he looks SO good in those pants!
And here they are again! With even more VMin action!!! I mean, look at the booty, the thighs, HIS WHOLE EXISTENCE! IT IS ALL THE EPITOME OF PERFECTION!
Oh my. Dear Yeezus in heaven this should be illegal!! 😱😱😍😱😍😍
hey girl you alive after this? @Helixx besides what happened to our graves?
@jiminakpop I have no idea where that picture came from! It is beautiful though! 😍 It must be newer, and I agree that it is right up there with the red pants! Yum Yum! πŸ˜›
Arrrrrrrgh! SO dead! That image with the #11 on the back.... Wha wha,... What, where is that from? New photo? It's right up there with red pants! But all your Jibooty images are great! And the Vmin spank, oi!
wow yes its amazing. it made me sad cuz he got so skinny with run comeback he started to lose it but its coming back now yay! and oh wow that pic of vmin with jimin holding v by his tie killed me lol
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