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For anyone still reading Bleach, last week's chapter (669) showed us, finally, a first look at Kenpachi's bankai.
If you aren't caught up on Bleach, then this is full of spoilers.
First things first, I gotta say that this was a massively underwhelming chapter. 18 pages felt like 4, in true Kubo fashion. Yeah, we did get a money shot of Kenpachi's crazy eyes after transforming, but with the layout of these pages this chapter, we really only saw like 35 seconds of action. Lots of two-panel pages.

This face has officially beaten every other 'shit's about to go down' face in all of anime existence.

From this image of the transformation, we see that his Zanpakuto has actually gotten shorter, and appears broken. Zaraki's appearance changes too, with his skin turning red and his robes becoming more tattered and ragged, similar to Ichigo's fullbring Bankai.
Truly, just before Zaraki SLICES GERARD IN FUCKING HALF, he looks more like an actual demon than he ever has before. He looks tattered and feral, and the ferocity of his attacks signify the same.
It's not exactly what I had in mind for Zaraki's bankai, but it was cool as hell. Hopefully we get to see more of it in a longer chapter.
@sergeishust right? duuuude I've been waiting for Kenpachi to go Bankai since day one. I'm so hype to see him unleashing the beastliness
Wow I like it, may have to start watching bleach again, I stopped after Aizen cause I didn't see much of a storyline after that
looks like the eight inner gates
a zanpakuto spirit is a part of the shinigami soul and their appearance and ability are a reflection of this knowing this why is his bankai release so underwhelmed by so many people zaraki has always relied on himself and his own strength he prides himself on being able to cut down any enemy that's his whole deal so why would his release (shikai & bankai) be some spectacular huge construction or what ever people were thinking it was gonna be zaraki is a simple man with simple ideas that thirst to fight at his full power this bankai that we have been shown is exactly that
@aanderson2789 he recently learned it's name is Nozarashi, and just a chapter or two ago it was determined that Yachiru is like, the embodiment of his zanpakuto. so he kind of always 'knew' it but by the wrong name
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