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so I always heard about people saying they were so dedicated to their bias because they had dreams about them. Not gonna lie, I was a little bit salty. I started to question my life. Was I not as in love with Jin as I thought? Was I failing as a fan of the Pink Princess Jin? I can't help the fact that I don't remember my dreams. I could have a dream about Jin every night but forget. But not last night. oh last night I remembered. I had a dream about Jin from BTS.
It started out with me and my mother at a Fan meeting with just Jin, not the other member and as you might know Jin is under appreciated by some people. So anyways, about 300 people were in the auditorium listening to Jin talk about the future plans of BTS, but when he mentioned singing acapella for the fans some people started to leave. Like seriously leave. Only about 10 people stayed to hear him sing.
whole time I was like Whaaaaa! Why is everyone leaving he's amazing! So the performance was bitter sweet. On one hand I was listening to an angel sing, but on the other, I was disturbed at the rudeness. Then after he sung it switched to a scene of his manager sitting behind a table passing out some paper to the few that stayed and Jin went back to his dressing room.
I was looking around for Jin with my mom and was shocked to find him talking to another fan in his room. I was like nah son get out the way, but I masked it cause I wanted to make a good impression on my future husband you know. So I walked up and started chatting with the 2 of them and I asked Jin if he would come to Kcon in New York and guess what? Bae whipped out his phone and texted his members " Let's go to New York," because I asked. I was going to die.
So after that girl left me and Jin alone my mother had the brilliant idea to invite Jin to the water park with us. When I tell you I looked at my mother like " I will forever love you and never disobey you again!" I am not lying. So, the scene switches to us at the water park and Jin is freaking exposing his sexy smooth drool worthy chest and I have to contain myself.
So we ride on slides and when I tell you Jin soaked in water is enough to make you keel over I am not exaggerating. So we start taking selfies together and at this point I had to high five my dream self for being so smart because you can't hang out with Jin and not take pictures. Anywho, I had my arms wrapped around his torso for the picture and was like dang those pictures on the internet aren't lying. Jin has broad shoulders cause I took a peak behind him. I repeat I am not a creeper ( except when it comes to my k-pop guys) . After we took the picture there was this water slide that you could ride bikes down for some reason and we rode it and for a some reason a coworker from my job was there.
Sadly, I woke up after that, but I had the time of my life. The only thing bumming me out is that will probably be the closest I get to Jin haha. I'm gonna cry. But, now I feel fulfilled. I had a dream (Cue Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice) of my bias Jin. Come at me. I feel on top of the world and I can't stop smiling.
Let me know if you ever had a dream about your bias and what about.
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i get worried when i have dreams its not always the best mostly because of gd but ive had a few with V and they are cute
This was super cute!! Except that people were leaving, that was just rude, but the rest of your dream was just amazing 💖
I had a dream of kookie but it was the ending of the dream n he was just laying on my bed face down ignoring me but I had 3 I think dreams of yoongi n OMF he was so cute n lovey n holy sheit then I'm like do I not love kookie enough? like he's my ub n suga is #2 on my bias list so I'm like what have I done!?
@mrsjeon haha that's a huge delemma
@danyeljules41 it is ;w; I have messed up like no I love jeon jungkook he is the hubby bunny ewe