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Before I moved to New York, I appreciated a clean room. Although I appreciated the idea of a clean room, I didn't quite appreciate interior design to the extent I do now. I shop for my apartment just as much, if not more often than I do for personal items.
It's something about having a space just you can come home to and just feel extremely comfortable. When I received a gorgeous glass top desk as my going away gift, I knew if I didn't decorate anything else -- I would definitely make sure I decorated my desk.
While I try to veer away from clutter, I do like to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that taking up space, but not to the extent where I can't see the glass top. @TessStevens urged me to do a desk tour and I figured why not, it's not often that I have company since moving just yet -- so for today, you all can be my company.
I am welcoming you into my space. While this is the layout I currently have, I find myself constantly changing things around. Don't be surprised if my desk looks totally different in another three months or so. If you're ready to see the one place I spend a goodly amount of time throughout the week, keep scrolling and check out my writing space below.

Items Seen Above On Left Side:

- jewelry box my roommate bought me for Christmas
- dead leaves from my roses
- Paddywax candle in my absolute favorite scent
- random candle from Target
- my favorite lotion in the entire word by bliss
- Lauren London Fashion Book
- yet another Sephora bag
- dirty rose water [please excuse that, I just returned from out of town]
- pile of books including The Little Book of Fashion and Humans of New York [as seen]

Items Seen Above on Right Side:

- random Sephora bag because I hoard them
- Lauren Conrad's Book of Beauty
- Lavender room spray
- Marc Jacob's mini composition notebooks
- photos taken with friends over the summer at the Ace Hotel
- fake plant
- I also have an obsession with glass bottles with corks
- morphe 35o palette [absolutely love this baby]
- red day planner
- random polaroids printed off of my Instagram
- vintage telphone [it was my mom's]
- random subscription of Brooklyn mag that started coming to the apartment for me

Until next time. Hope everyone enjoyed my desk tour.

It's always a pleasure having company in my space.
@TessStevens I honestly only have a vanity because I have a weird habit of doing my hw criss cross on my bed . lol but I will put up pics of my dorm this August
I'm going to get on there more frequently :) @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton it's a good site. It has great tips and they're from her that's what makes it exciting!!!
I'm going to have to start checking it out more frequently @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton oh I check it out almost everyday
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