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We've all been there.

We want the high end look minus the high end price tag. While some designers won't budge no matter how hard you wish upon star, there are a few celebrity designers who have created multiple lines to appeal to all of their fans. Not everyone has high end pockets, but for the majority -- everyone wants that high end look. Looking nice is a luxury, but it shouldn't cost thousands of dollars to look great and feel great. Let's be real, fashion is anything but rational.
While many believe in the notion, 'quality over quantity' sometimes you have to be sensible. Fashion designer, Jason Wu has created a line of clothing that will satisfy the fashion needs of those on a slight budget. The sister clothing line is called Jason Wu Grey and we can only expect the best because it's Wu. I mean, seriously? If you keep up with fashion, you know just how fabulous Wu's pieces are. Lower price or not, this new line of clothing is going to be amazing and the sneak peek of the collection below says it all. Keep scrolling to check out

What do you think about celebrity designers creating more affordable lines?

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Exactly!!! I think this is definitely a great comeback!! @primodiva93
It's smart. Not everybody is buying their expensive garments because everybody has priorities that need the money first.
It's about time! I'm already eyeing on the shift dress from the far right. I was hoping more designers could have a ready-to-wear collection that's more affordable.
I am all for it. I really like Jason Wu. This is why I like the target design collabs because you get high style for a lower price if you can find them! \
*crosses fingers* @marshalledgar
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