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No Man's Sky's release is slowly approaching (June) and with that comes more footage of the game. It looks like Hello Games decided to do IGN First again (they did one a couple of months ago before the release date announcement) and the video that just came out shows 21 minutes of how awesome this game is going to be.
One of the biggest questions that surround No Man's Sky is the actual objective of the game. We all seem to get wrapped up in the concept of the game and the way it works that we forget that we don't even know what the smaller, quieter moments will look or play like.
They even address this at the beginning of the video. Since they're so used to showing off the game on a grander stage (E3, etc), they always have to focus on showing the biggest and best moments of the game *ahem*giantdinosaurs*ahem*.
But in this video, you can see some of the other things that you can do in the game. There are some pretty cool moments where you can see how the inventory system works and how the HUD looks different than any of the other press releases we've seen so far.
My takeaway from this video is that the game looks like it's pretty close to finished. All the other videos I've watched (even if they were playing it right in front of you), it looked like they played a development build of the game. So it's nice to see that the game is coming together and, well, looking like an actual game.
Are you guys as excited for this game as I am? Let me know in the comments below! And if you plan on getting the game on June 21st, 2016 be sure to let me know, 'cause I'm definitely picking it up on release day.
It looks amazing. I don't know If I would really play it, but my boyfriend is definitely interested. We just got a PS4, yesterday, and he is already flying through games, so maybe this game would be good for him. Should last for a really long time, right?