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My school is doing an oriental prom and they are going to play Kpop!!! They asked me for suggestions but I can't think of many songs... Do you guys have any song recommendations!!???? Btw I'm only going to prom because they're playing Kpop!!! 😏😏😏 @BelenitaGarcia @PrincessUnicorn @ARMYStarlight @GDsGF @EmilyPeacock @winxclusive @jiyongixoxo @ElleHolley @ILikeHisFace123 @EverieMisfit @PrettieeEmm @jessicaacosta90 @ashleyemmert @krin @ExoandVixxtrash @deilig @mellyortiz @SerenityThao @VickyLe @primodiva93 @maryjayne13 @MomoChamie @purplehairedluv @externallyeli @MaricelvaRomero @ninjamidori @jessicalista @celeste2655 @BrendaPham @VioletaDelRio @Kira9404 @ChelseaGarcia @NellybugJohnson @JayRaider @CindyHolguin @SaraHanna @EniorehFrancois @143BTSTRASH @JiminsJams4 @orchiofriend549 @AnaP @HayleyYates @babysanchez1253 @ScarletMermaid @JessicaFerrier @SherryMo @LizzyRubyCiss @poojas @STRosario @jennyyang143 @RaquelArredondo @kpopandkimchi @kat121 @MeghanJorgina @kyky97 @Destiny98 @JerriLynnPope @addri @TLeahEdwards @SugaMint @KatieRussel @FalseLove @thekreviewer @myylifeisnow @Isolate @VictoriaBossier @BriannaN @ESwee @Sunnydaebak @SugaKookies @Ferbtheblerg @PaigeJones @anellsonbuell12 @Vay754 @AshleyLopez1414 @EsmeraldaCayeta @SarahHm11 @BridgetJara @nnatalieg @stevieq @SaiT @fallchild @MaritsaGil @dyotella @justcallmekyki @SoniaLopez1 @FannyWard @DaisyPhun @minimonkey07 @ChoHee1 @DonnaLykaRoxas @NEOisRealo @DJSaige @exobts947 @IsoldaPazo @P1B2Bear @awkwardjazzy @sosoaloraine23 @hyunsaeng638 @bryyyaanna @JackieG1617 @kee1999kee @EXOChanyeolOppa @Kpossible4250 @LizaNightshade @amandamuska @tiffany1923 @BlueMoon201 @Airess95 @selfishmachines @bubblekookie @MaryOsorio @EmilyGardner @MeganEscareno @JerriLynnPope @kanatm @thedopeshow1994 @tazneemhinnawi @AlyssaGelet818 @liannet27 @LinnyOk @resavalencia @dchapple45 @Izab3lla @xxMollxx @lollmbetter09
Married to the Music - Shinee (for a more upbeat song) I Need U (for a somewhat slower, somewhat more romantic song) Beautiful Stranger - F (x) (to change it up from guys to girls plus it has the whole foreign concept and its more upbeat) Fantastic Baby - Bigbang (because who doesn't like to jam to this??) Adore U - Seventeen (upbeat and has the lovey dovey concept!) Beautiful Lady - Jonghyun (gives a way different feel than the other songs plus offers a much more lively feel) Depend On Me - Vixx (a lot more of a serious, darker feel but is still a good song to jam to. and "can you depend on me" seems like a cute line for couples who are dancing together...they do have to depend on one another, right?) Hero - Monsta X (gives more of a bad guy vibe and is very upbeat. plus the lyrics, another sort of loyalist romance. it gives off a sense of protecting and caring for the other person) Like Ohh-Ahh (very catchy and very fun! plus it adds to the variation) Sugar Free - T-ARA (seriously a good song to jam to...I love this one!) Dope & Baepsae - BTS (super good for upbeat and fun!) I would also recommend using some of their english versions such as: I'll Be There - Taeyang Falling In Love - UNIQ (super cutesy and a lot more calm) Eyes, Nose, Lips - Eric Nam's cover (slower and beautiful) Just Wanna - Eric and Amber (cute and somewhat slower, with a bit of fun) Fools - Rapmon & Jungkook cover (even if it isn't there's its super cute...and some people might even recognize/like the song!) Paper Hearts - Jungkook (again, this is a cover but it is really cute and good for slower dances) Sorry for writing a ton but I hope that gave you some ideas!!
ASTRO- Hide & Seek Cat's Eye EXO- Growl Overdose Sing for you (might be good for a slow dance) History Any Taemin song BTS- Run House of Cards (also good for a slower dance) Perfect Man Converse High Coffee Tomorrow I Need U Dope Autumn Leaves Any of the three cyphers TOPP DOGG- The Beat Follow Me Arario Any f(x) song might be good Got7- Fly Home Run Just right Confession song If you do Can't Something good Maybe any 2NE1 song Rap Monster- Joke Do you Any song from his mixtape Something (cover) Converse High (kinda a remake of the song/cover) Fools (with him and jungkook) J-hope - 1 verse set BIG BANG- If you Loser Sober Bang bang bang Let's not fall in love Fantastic Merp. I have more if you need more ideas, these are just kinda some of the more popular bands/songs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
You are so lucky that they are playing Kpop in ur prom my school is lame for not doing that
bts-baepsae is must!!
Every Kpop song! Kpop them so hard that by the time everything's over they're walking out of there with eyeliner and leather pants
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