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Hello my Fellow Shawols! It's your Super Shawol Stef! I'm taking over Jonghyun Wednesdays muwahahaha *coughcough* Sorry hairball. Little background Jonghyun was my first Shinee bias then Taemin took over but Jonghyun refuses to give up and continues trying to wreck the bias list. I see you Jonghyun with your soul stealing stare. On with the Card!
Look at him with his cute and adorable self. Such a pretty smile. Jonghyun: Hey Stef why don't you come back to me. *flashes his smile* Me: *dazzled* Taemin: Oh no she's mine now *pulls me back* On going fangirl problems xD
He's trying so hard to to reel back in. Look at him all look sexy and posing all sexy like I got my eyes on you Jonghyun!
Oh no he's playing dirty using his tongue and stripping. That body though. Taemin covers my eyes: Don't look!
Yes u may @IsoldaPazo
I'm so interested, may I be tagged too.. 😟💛
jonghyun is bae!! but so is Minho....but so is Taemin....but so is Onew.....and you can't forget about Key!! yeah I have a problem xD
@PrincessUnicorn i feel you nd i have the same problem lols 😁😁👌😉❤
jjong kills me. he wont even let me look at anyone else. not that i truely mind.
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