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He saunters over to meet you half way to the apartment building door. The two of you just stare at each other for a few minutes. He opens his arms;
“No alcohol.”
You turn and walk into the building with him following close behind. At the apartment door you turn and face him. He’s close but not too close, he motions over;
“Open the door.”
You type in the code but only open the door a sliver and move to block the entrance.
“I didn’t invite you, what are you doing here Kyungil?”
He puts his hand on the door above your head and leans in.
“Because a taste wasn’t enough,” he whispers as he grabs your waist, pushes open the door, and drops his lips to yours.
If he had kissed you this way last night, Jak and Jiyong might have walked in on something totally different.
Once inside, your bags fall to the floor as your hands slide up his arms and into his hair. Hearing your designs fall out of your bag, he pulls back; “Are you going to be OCD about that or are we good?”
It was like having cold water splashed in your face. You pull back and immediately drop to pick up your papers. You hear him sigh as he crouches down to help you. As he reaches out for one you smack his hand away,
“I’ve got it.”
You hear him sigh as he stands back up and heads over to the couch. He’s sitting with his head between his hands, as you pass he scrubs his face and looks up. You put your bags away and turn to face him.
“You can leave now.”
He stands up, puts his hands in his pockets.
“I messed up again, I get it.”
“Messed up?”
You laugh out harshly, “I’ll admit I’m attracted to you; that part is obvious.”
He heads towards you but you hold your hand up to stop him. He holds his hands out in surrender and stops where he is.
“I’m not sure what chicks you hang out with but me? I don’t get off on being insulted or having my flaws pointed out. I don’t care who you are or how hot you are, you’ve gotten all you’ll get from me.”
You walk past him to the door and hold it open. On his way out he stops in front of you. He pulls a small orange rosebud from his pocket and tucks it in your hair. With that he turns and walks out the door.
A few hours later your phone buzzes with an incoming text.
UNK: [YN]? It’s Yi-jeong, how are you?
You close your eyes and toss your phone to the side. Why? Why couldn’t you have met him first? He seems nice, he’s funny, and now not an option. You open your eyes and decide you’d better let him know before this goes any further.
YOU: Hi. I’m good, you?
You tell yourself you'd better save his number; you might need it for work. You decide on Super Cute Maknae and shrug, why not, he is.
SCM: I should have asked before saving your number. You don't have a boyfriend do you?
YOU: Lol, no I don’t have a boyfriend.
You think about it and figure, why not? If there’s going to be a problem, you've at least warned him.
YOU: There is someone who acts like he wants something but he hates me.
SCM: What? That makes no sense. Would there be a problem with him?
YOU: Most likely, he’s already warned me to stay away from you.
SCM: I know him?
Let’s throw all your cards out there, why not.
YOU: Yes, Kyungil.
Your phone goes silent. Yep, what you thought, not worth the effort. You smirk and toss it to the side as it buzzes again.
SCM: Okay. But we can still be friends?
there's a Spanish word for kyungil, un Desgraciado
What a sweet maknae. My sexy broken boy and his sweet little brother. This sounds like something I've already lived through... I obviously have a type.
this boy. they gonna fight over her. i can feel it. But u wanna know wae Kyungil says stay away
lol... can I just deal... smh .. let me deal.. gosh.. everybody wants this.. ;p