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Although he’s been in plenty of scandals with idol girl group members, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon says he’s never dated a celebrity. On June 25, Lee Joon appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, explaining and clearing up dating rumors. He then explained that he just can’t date any celebrities. When asked how he feels when he sees his fellow idol group members dating each other, Lee Joon says he can’t date because of that. “I can’t say who they are, but idol A dates idol B, and then all of the sudden, A dates C and B dates D – it’s not the animal kingdom!” said Lee Joon, explaining the limit to dating within the industry. “What if this girl group idol that I liked dated my best friend, and then I dated that female idol without knowing? Then the relationship between all three of us could get really awkward.” Kim Hee Sun then asked how many celebrities he’s dated, and Lee Joon answered none, despite many dating rumors. “I really haven’t dated. If I did, I’m the kind of kid that will get caught because I would want to brag and go public about it,” said Lee Joon, drawing laughter. http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/39345
it makes me happy to read this because it shows that he has morals. i could probably picture him dating someone from his home town that he grew up with and that they could grow old together!!!
@thatkdramalover I think Lee Joon is one of the most humble idols out there. Love that side of him!
LOL he is a bragger but proud of him for having some sense and respecting his friendship with others. I hope he finds his mate some day and brag all he wants to.
"it’s not the animal kingdom" haha I love him for saying this! seriously I can't understand how a person can date his friend's ex... it's super awkward