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I pulled back from the kiss and smacked him hard across the face. "How dare you kiss me!" "(Y/n)" I turned around and saw Hobi. Oh please say he didn't see Jerry kiss me. "Hobi!" Tears had started formimg. "What is going on here?" "It's not what it looks like." He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. "I know baby." He pulled me close and hugged me. I hugged back. Please don't leave me. "I'm so sorry." I started crying. he pushed me away so I wasn't holding onto him and he stepped towards Jerry. "Don't fucking touch my girlfriend!" He threw a punch hitting him in the face. "She liked it." Jerry said holding onto his face where Hobi hit him. "What I saw I think you're wrong. If she liked it she wouldn't have smacked you. Never come near my girlfriend again or I swear to God you'll regret it." He hit him one more time and turned and came back to me and grabbed my hand and walked away. I was crying and once we were a distance from the park he stopped and turned to face me. "Stop crying." He rubbed away the tears. Then kissed below my eyes. "Im sorry I cheated on you! I should have tried harder to get away from him. Please don't leave me please." I couldn't stop the tears. "Obviously what Jackie said was a lie." He laughed "What did she say?" "She said you never talk about me and only of that Jerry guy. I admit I was a little worried...when I saw you guys kissing I didn't know what to do. I thought maybe it was true but once you smacked him I knew what was going on." "But I'm dirty now." "(Y/n) shut up you are not dirty!" "I feel like it." He grabbed my face and made me look at him. "I will make you feel clean then." He pressed his lips to mine. The feelings I had for him took over me. After what felt like minutes we broke apart. "Hobi." "Please tell me you feel clean now." He said pressing his forehead against mine. "Well...yes and no. I'm dirty Cuz I want more." I smiled. "That's a good kind of dirty." He smirked "There's something I should tell you." With this he got a serious look. "What is it." "Jackie wasn't wrong...I don't talk about you. But I don't talk about you because why should I share how we are together with someone I obviously was right to worry about her motives." "What do you think she's doing?" "Trying to seperate us. She did say that she would kill to be dating someone famous, who knows what she'll do." "Can you stop being around her?" "Yea...kind of. I just have work to worry about." His phone buzzed. He pulled it out and looked at it then put it away. "Let's go the guys are waiting for us. I told suga you were coming." "I missed them, not as much as I missed you of course." I wrapped my hand with his and we started walking to the studio. I can't believe that Jackie would do that kind of thing. I really am worried about what happened today. "(Y/n) know that I trust you. And if there ever comes a time you don't love me please tell me, don't let me find out by you going to another guy in front of me." "Trust me that will never happen! I won't leave unless you tell me too. Know I trust you too and that's all I need to know." "I really love you." He said pressing his lips to mine once again. We went and met up with the guys and told them about what had happened. "Man I thought she liked me." Jimin said and walked off. "I'm going to go talk to him." I said following him. He had walked to a hallway that not many people go down expecially around this time. He sat down on the ground and put his head down and using his hands to hide his face. I sat next to him and put my arm around him. "(Y/n) I thought she was different." "I know I thought she liked you too." "She probably just was going to use me to get closer to Hoseok anyways." "Jimin you will find someone who loves you just for you. She was a bitch and trust me she has it coming to her." "(Y/n)" He finally looked at me and I could see the tears that were running down his face. It made me want to cry. I wiped away his tears. "It's ok to cry Jimin it really is, you shouldn't hide this type of emotion from the guys." "I have to. I'm the one that keeps everyone going. When everyone is having a hard time im there giving them support. " I hugged him. He had so much on his plate and then this shit happens. The next time I see Jackie she is going to ripped a new one. After a few minutes he stopped crying and after his eyes couldn't give him away we went back to the room. "Is everything ok?" Hobi whispered into my ear. "Yea. He just has a lot on his plate." "Is there anything I can do to help?" "Let him know that he doesn't have to hide when he's in a bad mood. He just needs that I think." "Ok. Thanks baby." He said kissing the side of my head. After there break was up I left. I did have to work early in the morning and I was going to have to deal with Jackie. As expect when I got to work Jackie played it off like she didn't do anything wrong. "Are you guys ok?" "Yea we are actually better than ok. I've never seen that side of Hobi and I loved it." Which was true I did love him more but not at the fact that he was jealous in her eyes but how much he trust me and I trusted him. "Oh that's good." "I have a question do you like Jimin?" "Yea I mean who doesn't.?" "Would you date him?" "No...maybe I have my eyes on someone else in the group." "Oh yeah that then." "It's a secret" She smiled and walked off. This bitch was pissing me off. I walked over to one of the girls. "I might get fired today." "Why do you say that?" "I don't know if I can hold back." "I got your back don't worry you won't get fired." Well then I'm going to finish this. I walked to the back where Jackie was. She didn't hear me coming. "Jerry what the hell they got closer. You were suppose to get them to break up....No you should have fought back or I don't know something....I'll just do it myself on my own...I have a plan B anyways......yea Jimin." This was it she was seriously going to die. I walked over to her and she ended the call fast. "Oh (y/n) what's up." I punched her hard. She fell back. "You are a fucking Bitch! How dare you try to use Jimin for your selfish needs. Jimin thought you truly liked him." "I do like him but I want Jhope. I'll do anything to get him." I punched her again. "Stay the fuck away from my boyfriend hell stay away from all of them. We all know what your intentions are so dissappear." "I doubt you satisfy him." "You can doubt all you want. You'll never know." "I have pictures of you and Jerry what happens when the media gets them?" "I don't care. Everyone can hate me for all I care I love Hoseok and if he loves me then I'm happy. I don't need to have others like me." "Just you wait and see his fans will make you leave him." "Yea let's watch them try." I had to get out my anger so I punched her one more time this time causing her nose to start bleeding. She ran out of the back crying. I walked out with a smile on my face. "So that's what you meant by you'll get fired." "Haha yea...soo." "Don't worry I've been wanting to fire her for a long time. I just needed a reason. The reason was she was starting a fight with you and you had to defend yourself." "You'll say that?" "That's what I saw happen." She winked. "Thank you." "Jackie is a bitch I didn't even hire her." "I'm glad you hired me." I sent a text to Hobi to tell him what happened. My Hope: My girl is a bad ass! Me: You can't mess with my man or his friends and get away with it. My Hope: I love you. BTW we have a surprise for you. so after work come to our place. Me: Ok I'll see you later. I love you! My Hope: I love you too!
Think God for leather pants lol. Jhope looking fine! side note tae is looking at himself in the reflection off the van lol
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she deserve more than that
I never really liked Jackie... 😒😒😒 kick her ass!!
Knock that bish on her skanky ass!! *stands on chair clapping* lol😊
I. Am. Hooked!!! I love it^^
Sarah dear I have read from chapter 1- 18 . There's a good story there. Some of the chapters are good but a bit choppy the way you describe them . You have the talent to be a good writer . Your 1-3 chapter really make us readers so scary and we can feel the sickness you are suffering . Put a little bit more feeling and effort to make it awesome .Overall it is a very nice story , keep on writing .
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