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It is time I present you with the next challenge

Day 6: Top 5 Kpop Songs

This was way too hard to do... I love so many songs and it's ever changing.... Why did I do this challenge... NOOOOOO, j/k here we go!!!


Sweet Little Kitty - Cherry Filter

Technically they are a rock band but I love this song so much... I first heard it in Running Man during the karaoke episode and had to find it.. Great song!


Napal Baji-PSY

Love the old school disco type feel to this song...


Awoo- Lim Kim

Her voice is unique in that it fits so well with the beat and feel of this song...


Everytime - Chen & Punch

Never really heard of Punch and mostly heard this song for Chen cause I just love his voice but they're voices together is nothing short of amazing...


Umbrella - Epik High feat. Younha

As a 90s child this song has that 90s vibe and just flows so smooth. Younha's voice adds that extra something that gives you the chills how good it is. I've had this on repeat for a while now.
See you another day for the next challenge!