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After I left Jin's I went home. Brad wasn't 't there so I got dressed and had gotten dinner ready. I was not going to do anything to get hit. I was going to be the perfect girlfriend. But all that came crashing down. He came home with some girl. I was upset. Who was she? He couldn't have text me? "Oh your here? I thought you'd be at work?" He said "No I had today off... I made dinner." "Oh its ok I already ate with Stacy" she smiled " oh ok. I'll eat then." I said quietly and started fixing myself a plate. Stacy was told to go wait in the living room. He came and talked to me. "Its just business stuff." He said to me. putting his arms around me. "Ok that's fine." "You're ok?" "Yup." "Ok..." He kissed my feelings what so ever. I was angry at myself. He walked away and I stuffed my face. I heard him say to her. "I didn't realized she'd be here...we can do this another your place." Yea business my ass. The response I heard was what made me run out. "We can still have sex in your room...I'll try to be quiet." I ran out slamming the door behind. He was cheating on me now? I was doing everything he wanted and I get beat and cheated on. He couldn't love me if he was doing that. I ran and ran until I couldn't run anymore. Thankfully it had started raining and it was hiding my tears. This was not ok. I was not ok. I finally squatted down and let my whole body get drenched. After awhile I couldn't feel the rain on me. I looked up and there was a man with an umbrella. "(Y/n) you shouldn't be caught out in the rain without an umbrella." "Su...suga?" "Yea its me." I got up and hugged him. He didn't ask questions and just took me home. I didn't want to go home but I had too. He took me inside and had me sit down. He ran upstairs and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. He was drying me off when they came down the stairs. Suga threw the towel over my head and was drying my hair for me. "(Y/n) you are going to get sick if you don't dry off" he said this louder than he had to. Then I heard the door shut. I was still crying so I used the towel to dry them up. Finally I took it off myself and saw those two glaring at each other. "Let's talk" Suga said pointing to upstairs. They went upstairs and talked. I walked to the bottom of the stairs. "You asshole how could you cheat on her! She loves you so much and you do that!" "Well she isn't showing me she loves me." "Bullshit!" "You know, what I do and who I do has nothing to do with you." "It does when one of my friends is involved." "Yea yea sure." He was going to be down in a second, I ran back to my chair and waited. "(Y/n) tell your friend to leave. Or we are over." Just like that? That's all? He's just done with me? "Suga can you leave?" "(Y/n) really?" "Yes I'm sorry....I love him" "You're fucking crazy!" He said and walked out. "Good girl." He said and patted my head. For several weeks after that incident I stopped smiling around him. When I was with my friends I smiled and had a good time. Minus Suga he didn't want to be around me anymore and I don't blame him. I had caught him cheating several more times but never said anything and played dumb. I wasn't giving him sex anymore because of the first time I caught him cheating. Finally I had, had enough I went out to drink and said I wasn't going to be back till the next day. I went to a bar and started drinking. I called a few people to come hangout but Jin and my friend Ari came and drank with me. Or watched over me. Some point in the night Ari left. "Jiiiiin can I stay with yoooouuu pleeeeease!" "Of course." He helped me up and we went to his car he put me in and I managed to get buckled up. He got in and drove to his place. Once we got there I was running around and Jin tried to tackle me. I laughed because he missed me. At one point he did get a hold of me and fell onto the bed. I rolled over so I had him pinned. "I won!" "Ha this was a game?" "Yes! It was fun right?" "Right!" "Now what do I get???" I knew what I wanted and was just making it seem like I didn't know. "What is it?" I smiled. "This." I said and pressed my lips against his. He didn't move. I moved my lips so that I could have his bottom lip between mine and I lightly sucked on it. When he still didn't respond I licked his bottom lip. Finally he responded and flipped me over and deepened the kiss. We made out for awhile I could feel him against me and I let out a moan. I really wanted him. Jin started to remove my shirt and pants. Once they were off he stopped. He pulled away and went to his drawer. He grabbed one of his shirts and came back to me. He put it on me. "Jiiiin....I want you....why'd you stop" I whined "Because your drunk." "You want me too. I know what we want." I put my arms around him and pulled him towards me connecting our lips again. "Trust me..." He said between kisses. " I want you really bad but we can't do this." "I'll let up if you do something for me." "What's that?" He asked "Let me be on top and if you can still resist after my efforts I'll stop pestering you." "Ha ok" I quickly got up. His shirt was long enough that it covered my butt I started to lift the shirt off. "Hey clothes stay on" he stated "Fine..." I got back on top of him and started kissing his neck. His hands were on my back and slowly worked there way to my butt. He stopped and put them back on my back. Our lips met again and I added a little moan and felt him growing. I smiled and used my hand to touch where he was growing through his pants. He let out a soft moan into my mouth. I was going to win. Or so i thought. When I went to open his pants he stopped me. "Ok you didn't win so let's stop." "Jiiiiin" "Sorry... No I said before your won't remember any of this." "Tell me why you won't have sex with me!" " 2 reasons first off your drunk like I keep saying and secondly your in a bad relationship your boyfriend cheats on you so you think it's ok to do it too. So I won't let you be that kind of person." "Fine" I said rolling off of him and closing my eyes. I fell asleep instantly. When I woke up I remembered everything. I was so embarrassed. I took advantage of Jin.... We both didn't like each other that way but we did something...... Wait if he didn't feel anything towards me he wouldn't have kissed back....he would have stopped me before anything went I found out Suga told him about what happened. I don't know what to do! I turned and saw Jin's sleeping face. Some of his hair had fallen over his eyes. I moved it and at that moment I realized I was in love with my best friend.
Oh Jin why do you have to be so sexy....and have those freaking broad shoulders...sorry I realized the title photo you can tell how big they are lol. Ok how was it? better? I added Suga in there cause well idk lol.
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Her boyfriend hits her and cheats on her!! WTF is she still doing with him??!! Ughhh!! Wake the hell up girl!! You have Jin!
Is it weird that I want to smack her for not breaking up with that asshole of a boyfriend?
so close
@SarahVanDorn sorry I didn't comment on the others. I read them all at once lol I love it! Great job 💚🐧💚🐧
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