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"I've got about eight pairs of shoes and that's it," Emma Watson claims in an interview! No way i'm ever gonna believe this! Designers are surely sending her goodies all the time! There's just no way this is true! @shoenami might wanna see this!
It is possible she doesn't keep all the goodies surely given to her! maybe she donates some~I think I've read about her being pretty charitable before
lol i notice she is not dat girly dats what i like about her our unique love pretty and cute emma watson and i love her personality @blairwitme
She looks great here, but i prefer her to be a less edgy and more girly
@saharjalpari9 Yes! she has become such a great girl! this is what girls should idolizing.. she made all the great choices... @miranpark88 the freckles really gave her some sense of a cool look!
she ain't so little anymoreeeeeeee! love her freklesss :D
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