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If you're lucky, this will never happen to you. But if you're unlucky like me, you know what's it's like to have your best friend picked up out of your daily life and shuttled off to a different part of the world! Recently my best friend moved allllll the way across the country, from our home in New York to San Fran. Its been less then a month, I'm already going through withdrawals. But, out of sight does not mean out of mind. And there are 5 ways to make sure your friendship doesn't grow in distance... In more then just miles.
1. Make sure you through them a HUGE going away party. Before my best friend left we all threw him a surprise party to end all parties. Getting him out of his house made us all hate him BUT, seeing his face and having everyone all together one last time was totally worth it. Plus now we know he'll miss us extra since we showed him an awesome last night.
2. FT will become your best friend. Moving is never the end all be all of friendships now that social media exists. Thank god. Update each other on everything, talk about the books you're reading, the people you love, and the more time your drunk FT, snap, or text the less youll realize you aren't actually together.
3. Shows you watched together CAN STILL BE WATCHED TOGETHER! Again, thank you technology! Watch your shows over FT or just texting each other every time something crazy happens! You can even play the drinking game together which might make the time zones actually fun!
4. Go old school and send care packages. Sometimes all someone needs is a well thought out letter or care package to cure some home sickness. Stock it with all goodies from your home town and remind your bestie that you can still comfort them from miles away!
5. Get ready for a vacation! Because while all that shit rocks at keeping you close, nothing is as good as actually being together... And vacation. So start saving !
Two of my besties have moved away and I m not able to cope up with the fact... still convincing myself the hard fact...
Lucky for me my best friend never moved away yet
and yet you're still planning to move away
@TessStevens ughhhhh my boyfriend wanted to move last year and I was like nope I'm so not ready to leave my friends and family! You are a stronger person then I am !!!
Aw how cute! Best of luck to you and your friend. I had to move away from my friends it was so hard :/