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FROM LAST TIME: he looks toward you and thinks that you look like you've seen a ghost he looks at where your looking and his anger Is going through the roof as he sees "him". he whispers "you".
*WHAT THE HELL!!WHY IS SEUNGRI HOLDING HANDS WITH JESSICA !!!!* All my sadness turns to anger and without a second thought I storm towards him and shoved Jessica to the ground, I ponced on her sitting on her stomach punching her pretty face till I could see her eye getting swollen. I ignored her nails scraping away the flesh on my arms. I didn't care I just wanted her to know that she can't be anywhere near my baby. I decided to grab her head and started bashing it against the grass, but it didnt do much so i grabbed a handful of her beautiful long hairand dragged her without acknowledging her screams of pain. dropping her down on the concrete hearing her stiffle crys, I admired my work ignoring daesungs pleas to stop but soon realized it wasn't enough *this bitch needs more blood on her but what... OH I know a big scar!! right across her face!!!* I kicked her in the stomach to make sure she'll stay put as I casually walked over to a couple having a picnic. when I arrived I noticed their shocked faces at my brutality it pissed me off "mind your own damn business now I just need to borrow something OK?! At lightening speed I snatched their peanut butter knife and licked the excess while walking towards Jessica and saw she was trying to crawl away *what the fuck haha I swear this is just like a horror movie* I chuckled at the thought "your pathetic you know seriously I basicly told you to stay like the bitch u are, jeez this is boring watching you crawl like a snail" I kicked her with so much force she flipped on her back knocking the air out of her. I I sayt on her stomach and twirled the silver knife in my hand and glared at her with cold eyes staring into her frightened eyes. she froze in terror as I gently placed the knife on her rosy cheek and smiled as I slowly pressed hard noticing little droplets of blood. next thing I know I am tackled by Daesung pulling me off of my victim. He took the knife and threw it far away, I growled in frustration and started to struggle as he pinned me down. he started to try and calm me down by saying" (Y/N) shhh it's Ok look at me don't look at her " I reluctantly looked into his gentle eyes and all my anger vanished and was replaced by butterflies. He gently picks me up and hugs me pulling me out of reality *mmm he smells good what does he use??* but my anger is quickly ignited when I hear Seungri saying "babe are you Ok" to jessica. I was going to attack again but Daesung held me and whispered "everything is going to be alright " making my legs wobbly. We started heading to my house but before we reached the park entrance I heard Seungri yell " HEY CUNT YOU BETTER NEVER HURT MY GIRLFRIEND AGAIN!!! YOUR LUCKY YOUR PET WAS HERE TO SAVE YOU!!!" My heart sunk * he was cheating *I stare when I see them kissing and him whispering something sweet and flaching that smile that could make every girl swoon. I silently whispered "we are over" holding back tears. When we arrived at my house Daesung cleaned the scratches on my arms, * do I really like my best friend? nonsense (Y/N) forget it he couldn't like you after you breakdown earlier* while thinking I hadn't noticed he stopped and made eye contact with me and inched closer. He cupped my face gently I could she the lust in his eyes but dismissed it he couldn't could he maybe I have something on my face "Daesung what are you do-" "Shh (Y/N) it's Ok trust me " his voice was soft and tender sending the hair on my neck standing I swear they could have ran if they could, he started to lean in making my pulse race *what should I do!!! do I let this happen or stop him and possibly hurt his feelings!? I wish someone could help me!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?!!*
sorry it's very long haha hope it's good!
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Actually it was short and sweet. Well not sweet but you know what I mean! I still can't wait to find out what happens next