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No one can seem to do anything right when it comes to pictures on the Internet! You can be a MODEL and still get crushed with hateful comments about being ugly, fat, and unworthy of life. Literally, the Internet needs to grow up. Not only is body shaming just awful. It seems to be never ending as small people decide to try and become reverent by bashing the happiness out of a complete stranger. Thankfully this beautiful model found a perfect way to say fuck off to her Instagram body critics. Check out the video below!
Seriously HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT! Now do yourself a favor and enjoy some ice cream. You're beautiful and you totally deserve it!
@atmi I'm sorry you're not happy with your body weight and I wish you luck on your personal journey towards health. That being said, we can't know how healthy someone is just from their weight. A lot of the studies done 'proving' that fat is unhealthy were poorly conducted and many of them are being disproven entirely. And frankly, I think unhealthy bodies deserve to be loved. We don't tell people who get really skinny because of cancer or another illness to hate their bodies, et people who gain weight from diabetes medication are suddenly told that they should hate themselves. It's cruel
WOOOO ICE CREAM ANYONE @shannonl5 @jordanhamilton
she's really pretty
Awsome! I defiantly think she is supper cool馃憤馃榿
This is golden!!
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