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One of the best stories of the young MLB season is Colorado Rockies rookie Trevor Story.
The talented shortstop burst on the scene in the first 10 games, hitting the leather off the ball.
Seven games in, Story has hit 7 home runs for 12 RBI. Do you think he can keep up that pace?
In many cases I would worry that a player could fall off the map, but in Colorado, anything is possible.
Colorado has done a great job over the past decade in regards to crafting big time hitters. Car-go, Todd Helton, Larry Walker, Troy Tulo and more have all put up monster numbers in the hitter friendly park.
The Rockies have a solid lineup around him and teams are forced to pitch at him at the moment. Even if the HR slow down, he could still score a lot of runs and hit for average.

Can Story keep up this electric pace? Is he the Rookie of the year at this point in the season?

@CeezonKing Def not Trout or Posey. You got that right brotha
He's probs gonna be traded in a few years to a bigger market team haha
hes alright but he aint no mike trout or buster posey
I mean obviously he's rookie of the year...but he's probs not going to keep up this pace haha. That would mean he's going to hit over 100 home runs!